Country Base: Saudi Arabia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy and Utilities, Sustainability, Social Responsibility
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Industry Setting

Saving energy is a global challenge. Yet Gulf nations traditionally cared little for ‘green thinking’ due to energy subsidies and minimal public education, resulting in excessive consumption and increasing pressure on already strained systems. Flyback’s patented energy saving technology changes the shape of electromagnetic waves making them vastly more efficient, reducing energy loss by up to 50% while minimizing heat production and extending appliance lifespans.


We had a great product, but how could we encourage the Gulf market to buy into Flyback and ïgo greenÍ? The phase 1 target was GCC (Gulf Cooperation We had a great product, but how could we encourage the Gulf market to buy into Flyback and ‘go green’? The phase 1 target was GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) governments, but phase 2 included businesses and consumers, as well as a CSR (corporate social responsibility) schools education program. Our ultimate goal was global. The existing identity was conceived by engineers and ‘spoke to’ no one other than the inventor! Technical and unemotional, it lacked depth, and had no tool kit or messaging platform.


We needed to move Flyback out of its dull ‘for engineers only’ perceptional space, into a bright, characterful and engaging place, to create a human, friendly and intelligent brand. The strategy was rooted in the vision ‘to realize the true power of energy’. This was empowered by the value of passion, which supported a playful spirit, while innovation enabled the brand to express its philosophy of limitless potential. The brand’s lighthearted charisma was balanced by visual tools that created a sense of practicality and simplicity, supporting both emotional and technical messaging.


The rebrand of Flyback to Enerji signaled a new era for the parent company, Earth. Enerji’s new name, expressive tool kit and flexible communication platform opened new doors for communication – empowering them to speak to the Government of Bahrain, not only about technical benefits, but also about the long term educational potential contained in the brand.

The first result of this new and highly visible ‘broader vision’ was the approval of a significant pilot program with the Ministry of Electricity and Water. This is underway with plans afoot to roll the project out across Bahrain, before taking it to the rest of the GCC, and ultimately going global. The rebrand won Best Visual Identity from the energy & extractives sector at Transform MENA 2015.


Client: Enerji –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unison Brand Consultants –

Brand Strategy: Amy Morgan
Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Designer: Liam Farrell
Copywriting: Liam Farrell