Country Base: Norway
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Shipping, Freight Logistics, Maritime Classification, Energy Value Chain, Quality Certification, Sustainability, Risk Management, Oil & Gas Advisory, Software
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Industry Setting

DNV GL was formed by the first merger of its kind between two global maritime classification companies: DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Group and GL (Germanischer Lloyd) Group. Both companies were founded 150 years ago and were respected, successful organizations with loyal employees. Together the brands encompass:

•  80,000 customers
•  16,000 employees
•  381 offices in over 100 countries
•  Complex portfolio of acquired and originally owned brands


The challenge was to unify these companies with their combined 16,000 engineers in 100 countries, and mix of products, services, and collection of brands. The requirement was to combine and to build on their strong heritage while creating a modern and aspirational brand that supported a new, ambitious company vision of a safe and sustainable future for the company, its employees and its customers.


Create a monolithic brand architecture, designed to transform what were previously two complex brand architectures into one unified brand and customer experience.

The launch of the new brand had to coincide with DNV turning 150 years. ‘Year One – 150 Years’ events across the globe provided the perfect platform to introduce the new identity and brand story to employees, stakeholders and customers as well as to celebrate the 150 year history of both legacy brands.

The brand idea is “A broader view.” The colors of the new logo represent DNV GL’s working context: sea, land and sky. Through this the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment is also depicted and expressed in the new tagline Safer, Smarter, Greener as a strong value proposition.

The extended lines represent the broader view, an expansive, expert approach to business where DNV GL strives to reflect the bigger picture and to devise innovative solutions that can be applied globally — reaching beyond traditional boundaries. So in most applications, the logo extends infinitely to the left, reaching around corners and across borders.

The DNV GL brand was implemented across thousands of operations and surfaces, starting in 2014. The extensive process will continue through 2016.


• In the first year as a united company, DNV GL revenue has grown by 10%. It is now the global leader in the maritime classification category, with 21% of the world’s fleet of ships and offshore floating structures now classed by DNV GL.

• In a survey by the Ipsos MMI (Marketing and Media Institute) Group spanning 3,000 respondents from 18 countries, 88% of customers and key stakeholders were aware of the DNV GL brand. 85% of those customers had favorable impressions, and 75% also trusted the brand.

• In an additional independent survey, DNV GL was ranked fifth for brand performance globally in the sustainability category, just behind the Big Four accounting firms.

• DNV GL’s eye on the future is about more than growing clients’ businesses; it’s about conserving resources and operating efficiently.


Client: DNV GL –
Global Brand Manager: Per Busk Christiansen

Brand Strategists/Designers: Landor Associates –

Brand Launch Campaign: McCann Oslo –

Brand Support: Coor Service Management AS –

Corporate Film, Presentation & Brochure: Kunde & Co –

Brand Implementation: VIM Group Implementation Ltd. –