Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Mobile Services, Products, Transportation Services, Shipping, Delivery, Travel, Rides, Car Sharing, Bike Sharing, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving, Self-Driving Vehicles

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Industry Setting

DiDi Chuxing has grown from taxi-hailing app into one of the largest and fastest-growing intelligent mobility platforms. With more than 550 million users taking 30 million rides per day, it now boasts an ever-growing range of “one-stop” mobility services, ranging from ride hailing and car/bike sharing to vehicle rental and after-market services. And thanks to continued investments in autonomous driving and AI technologies, DiDi continues to evolve while driving the future of mobility itself.


In 2017, DiDi Chuxing found itself faced with an all-too-familiar predicament: following more than five years of incredible success, the company’s operations had far outpaced its brand management capacity.
This created the following challenges:
1) Ensuring Consistency: Competing voices and no unified guidelines meant a lack of consistency across brand communications for the masterbrand and four key service sub-brands.
2) Aiding Global Expansion: Rapid global expansion plans meant a need for universal, flexible and consistent design solutions.
3) Preparing for the Future: Plans to revolutionize the way we travel meant a need to speak confidently as one brand, with one voice.


Following a series of high-level internal interviews and workshops, the DiDi brand marketing team first refined the brand’s personality, choosing “pioneering, intelligent, warm, trustworthy and socially responsible” as the core traits. These traits were then brought to life with a bold, new creative concept and an elegant signature graphic.


Since its launch in China and abroad (e.g. Australia), DiDi Chuxing’s new identity system has resolved the massive inconsistencies that characterized its brand. It is now finally able to speak as one brand with a unified voice. The new system also presents DiDi in a refreshed, clear and highly distinctive style, reinforcing the uniqueness and dynamism of this company in the eyes of millions of riders in China and abroad.


Client: DiDi Chuxing – www.didiglobal.com

Marketing Manager: Bella Xue

Brand Strategists/Designers:
MetaDesign Beijing – www.metadesign.com

Managing Director: Mauro Marescialli
Senior Client Manager: Allison Chu
Creative Director: Sally Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Siuming Leung
Senior Designer: Weikang Zhong
Senior Designer: Bianca Mente
Designer: Dan Liu
Designer: Meimei Luo
Designer: Yafei Wang
Associate Strategy Director: Owen Li

Brand Sound Design:
whydobirds – www.whydobirds.de

Consultant: Alexander Wodrich
Creative Direction: Leopold Hoepner
Sound Production: Holger Schuhmann
Sound Production: Johannes Lehniger
Sound Production: Sebastian Damerius