Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Tourism/Places/Geographic Locations/Countries, Transportation/Shipping and Delivery, Travel and Leisure, Airports, Transportation, Airlines, Travel, Journey, Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth

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Industry Setting

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the third busiest airport in the world, serving 227 destinations, 56 of them international. DFW is committed to elevating their customer experience with modernized facilities and updated amenities, as well as through a $2.7 billion Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program to renovate its four original terminal buildings.


“We’re in the best position of any airport in the U.S. to compete on the global stage. We just need to go do it.”
—Sean Donohue, CEO

As the second largest hub airport in the world, DFW handles thousands of passenger transfers daily, leading airport leadership to commit to developing world-class traveler experience. A brand identity needed to be created for DFW Airport to serve as a North Star, helping the organization to compete on the global stage and crafted around what travelers care about most.


Through initial primary research, we discovered in the near future, airports will be an intrinsic part of the vacation experience. They will be considered a place that travelers enjoy spending time in and will be about giving people a better sense of wellbeing during travel. [We] developed the creative idea, “A clear path forward,” and aligned the identity with this idea.


The identity was created around the DFW journey line, the channel that runs through the logo which represents clarity and strength of our clear path forward, allowing us to invite the world to what’s next with confidence and optimism. The color orange was carefully chosen, drawing inspiration from the colors of the Texas sunrise. The overall brand expression reflects the attitude of the people of Dallas and Forth Worth, people who are warm and welcoming with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The brand launch event was a major success. Both stakeholders and customers shared that the new brand represents moving forward with confidence and optimism, continuously introducing the world to what’s next. It also gives a way for the brand to differentiate itself, communicate its story, & excite others with the organization’s vision. In 2017, DFW was named best large airport for customer satisfaction.


Client: DFW Airport – www.dfwairport.com
AVP of Maketing: Chris Prokopeas

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand – www.interbrand.com

Executive Creative Director North America: Chris Campbell
Creative Director: Kurt Munger
Design Director: Karen Yao
Design Principal: Matt Van Leeuwen
Senior Designer
: Kendall Henderson
Designer: Joseph Han
Creative Technologist: Colin White
Associate Director: Lauren Thebault
Implementation Consulant: Justin Shirley
Associate Director: Bob O’Brien
Senior Director: JR Redman
Senior Program Manager: Alana Mosley
Associate Program Manager: Jackie Kolovlat
Executive Director: Tom Zara
Senior Director: Heather Baillie
Consultant: Dan Castillo
Consultant: Samantha Schulman