Country Base: Finland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Museums, Cultural Institutions, Nonprofits, Design, Arts
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Industry Setting

Design Museum is an internationally recognized national specialist museum of Finnish design. The Museum researches, collects, stores and documents design, and displays it both in Finland and in touring exhibitions abroad.


The goal behind the rebranding project was to strengthen the museum’s identity and to create a brand that stands out. Important for the new identity was that it would stand the test of time. By this rebranding, Design Museum was aiming to increase the museum’s visibility and to improve the visitor’s experience at all levels.


The goal was to create a confident and strong visual style for the museum. The project covered everything from exhibition design and museum premises to marketing and web design. The work also included a redesign of the brand identity. The logo combines modernist roots with a current look and serves as the basis for a distinctive design language. Almost half of the museum’s visitors come from outside Finland, which led us to seek inspiration from the golden age of Finnish design.

The color scheme and the elements are strong and the typography is especially recognizable. The logo consists of elements that repeat basic forms. These basic forms are also used in the identity in various ways.

The new visual style is holistic; it affects more than just printed and digital materials. Elements of the identity are used in the museum’s exterior and interior.


After the launch of the new identity, there were many positive results. The strong, typographical treatment helps to simplify print and digital materials. In addition, the number of museum visitors has increased by 30%.


Client: Design Museum –

Brand Strategists/Designers: Bond Agency –

Creative Director: Jesper Bange
Graphic Designer:
Christofer Goertz
Jesper Bange
Designer: Annika Peltoniemi
Strategist: Arttu Salovaara
Producer: Marina Kelahaara
Photographer: Konsta Lepp_nen

The design was also influenced by:
Lasse Laine / Protosdemos