Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Denmark
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Hearing Healthcare, Life-changing, Care, Hearing Aids, Innovation, Hearing Loss

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Industry Setting

Starting with one man’s passion to help his wife hear better, hearing health giant Demant (formerly William Demant Holding) has led change in hearing health for more than a century. Today, the industry is comprised of numerous big players – all competing for the same customers. Demant, however, is determined to once again push the technological boundaries and lead the industry into the next era of hearing health.


With no less than 16 customer facing sub-brands (including strong brands like Bernafon, Oticon, Sennheiser and Interacoustics), Demant’s market leader position was often overlooked. Furthermore, the many sub-brands continued to cause fragmentation and silo thinking, which hurt the proud, family-owned mother brand in terms of lost synergies and a lack of one-company-thinking.


Being a company that had not previously communicated very much about themselves, Demant not only needed to define what they actually stood for, they also had to reinvent their brand. This included a new name, a new logo, and not least, a complete makeover of their visual identity.

In terms of creating a one-company mindset, a clear and coherent brand story for everyone to rally around was built on three unique differentiators (founded on care, focus on health, shaping the future). On top of that, a clearly defined brand architecture across all sub-brands was also developed.


As expected, changing the name from William Demant Holding to simply Demant created a bit of a stir. However, with their new brand identity, Demant has proven more than ready to step into the spotlight.

The reactions have been overwhelming from all sides. Externally, people are finally starting to recognize the brand as the mastodon that it is. Internally, all processes and legal entities are now aligned for coherence. In addition, both talent recruitment and the pride of working at Demant has been strengthened considerably in less than a year.


Client: Demant A/S – www.demant.com

Vice President, Corporate Communication & Relations: Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen
Senior Communication Consultant, Corporate Communication & Relations: Christian Fomsgaard Johansen
Graphic Designer: Anne Skarbye

Brand Strategists/Designers: Frankly A/S – www.frankly.dk

Chief Commercial Officer & Strategy Lead: Klavs Valskov
Creative Director: Jesper Strøm Madsen
Senior Lead Designer: Thomas Høirup
Director, Image Film: Anders Rune
Director of Animation: Jakob Blaabjerg Svahn
Cinematography: Adam Morris Philp, Tobias Bretherthon Hjorth & Dariusz Steiness
External Strategy Advisor: Shahar Silbershatz, CEO – Caliber (www.groupcaliber.com)
Strategy Team: Janie Schwartz Rasmussen, Lerke Christoffersen, Philip Morley, Thomas Høirup
Account PM: Janie Schwartz Rasmussen, Lerke Christoffersen