Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Associations/Foundations, Communications, Food, Institutions/Non-Profits, Mobile Products or Services, Social Media, sustainability, charity, mobile application

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Industry Setting

Chris Darwin, the great great grandson of the legendary Charles Darwin seeks to honor his forebearer’s famous conservation work and make it relevant to our modern lives. Chris founded a not-for-profit called The Darwin Challenge, to inspire individuals to make small changes in their behavior that, if adopted widely, will drive serious social impact. The group’s first initiative is a mobile app that encourages all of us to pledge one meat free day per week and drive an improvement in our personal health.


The challenge was to create an identity and language that’s fun and accessible to everyone. Boldly featured in the group’s (limited) marketing communications but also easily integrated into the brand’s (much more extensive) social media activity.


In branding the new group, the most ‘ownable asset’ was Charles Darwin himself. His trademark beard was the basis of our playful logo design that lends itself to a group of social impact campaigners with big hearts.


The Darwin Challenge identity was launched to help support their successful crowdfunding efforts to underwrite the development of the first Darwin Challenge app. The app launched on 12th June 2017, to coincide with World Meat Free Day. Following media coverage on the local channel, the app far surpassed the initial goal of 30 meat-free days per day, receiving pledges of 400 meat-free days each day.

“Working with [The Agency] was the seminal and pivotal part of creating The Darwin Challenge brand. Not only did [They] help us define our mission, but when they unveiled the beard branding, we all thought: That is so clever and so right. [The Agency] is an incredible company.” ~ Chris Darwin, Co-founder & CEO


Client: The Darwin Challenge – www.thedarwinchallenge.org

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – www.principals.com.au

Planning Director: Wayde Bull
Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Associate Director of Brand Language: Carrie Dennes
Designer: Caroline Leung
Finished Artist: David Cunningham
Finished Artist: Hayden Mathys
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Head of Design Implementation: Dean Varndell
Strategy Consultant: Sandeep Dighe
Production Manager: Vanessa Meaker