Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Banking, Financial Advisory, Wealth Management, Retail Branches, Money, Investments, Savings

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

CZ bank is one of 12 joint-stock commercial banks in China. Compared with its peer competitors, CZ bank was perceived as a local small bank with a traditional image. In 2016, the bank launched its new brand strategy and promotes its value proposition as an “energizing agent” to financial ecosystems. A new image was needed.


CZ bank wanted to embrace the opportunities emerging from the New Economy movement that China is going through, and made good progress for the business. In order to expand its market share, CZ bank had to expand its business to individuals, not the majority of SMEs (small to medium enterprises}. Obviously the way it operated and looked couldn’t attract thw young generation.


To attract individual customers and upgrade its brand identity, we created a rebranded style – logo, color, typography and other elements – and updated the look of the original image of a transactional bank, highlighting its holistic, vibrant and agile personality, while recognizing its legacy.

The new visual identity introduced an impactful change in brand communications and reframes CZ bank as a customer-centered banking image, by providing a system with the assets to support its broad reach across markets.


Results are evident in the increased attraction of young people to get engaged. There has been a positive impact on the public perception from the transition to a modern, forward-looking bank, from a traditional boring image. Applause also came from peers who came to experience the new bank. Employees are inspired and proud of the results.

Customers? Yes, the number of quality individual customers almost doubled just one year after the launch of the rebrand.


Client: CZ Bank – www.czbank.com/

Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaThink Consulting – www.themetathink.com

Brand Innovation Director, Brand Strategy: Xuehan Ren
Design Director: Hongbin Yang
Senior Designer: Shuai Wang; Qina Qiu
Senior Strategist: Zhijun Li
Business Director: Bing Ma
Project Manager (retail store): Wen Wen

Retail Design: Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) – www.sld.com
SLD President: Jean-Pierre Lacroix