Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Taiwan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Construction, Property Development, Project Management, EPC, Engineering, Reliable, Taiwan, Architecture, Design, Building, Builders, Power, Environment, Transportation, Hydrocarbon Processing, Industrial, Procurement

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Industry Setting

CTCI is Taiwan’s largest engineering services company, providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for the power, environment, transportation, hydrocarbon processing and industrial markets both domestically and internationally. As domestic demand for engineering procurement and construction services wanes, CTCI is looking to expand into international markets, competing with established firms as well as rising giants from India, China, and South Korea.


A shared Chinese character in the Chinese names of CTCI and its subsidiaries somewhat unified the brand for Chinese speakers, but not for the international community. The brand’s image was hence scattered across twenty subsidiaries, each with its own name, logo, and identity. Despite CTCI’s team of highly capable engineers offering competitively priced engineering services at a level equal to global competitors, a disparate brand identity hindered CTCI’s progress in international markets, resulting in tangible losses to their business.


Although CTCI projected a highly divided external identity, interviews with individuals from all facets of the company uncovered a common self-perception: CTCI engineers are reliable. This concept drove the rebrand, introducing the new strategy to bring CTCI and its subsidiaries under a single positioning—the most reliable engineering service provider. A common hexagonal shape shared between logos of CTCI and its subsidiaries prior to the relaunch was reintroduced in safety-helmet yellow, and moved to the upper right of newly designed CTCI lettering, representing “to the power of its united subsidiaries.”


A modern visual identity consolidated CTCI and its subsidiaries under a single cohesive image. More importantly, the brand concept—Reliable—gave life to a pre-existing identity held by CTCI engineers, defining what it means to be a “CTCI engineer.” United under a single banner, CTCI and its subsidiaries have emerged as a single confident brand in the international market. In 2016, CTCI won more bids than any year prior, with international sales revenue leaping to 50% of total revenue, compared to just 35% in 2013. They have since broken into new international markets, including Oman, Russia, and the United States.


Client: CTCI Corporation – www.ctci.com.tw
Group Chairman: John T. Yu
Group Shared Services CEO: Ming-Chang Hsiao
Head of Brand Management Department: Candy Hu

Brand Strategists/Designers: DDG – www.ddg.com.tw

Creative Director: Kris Tsao
Senior Designer: Nathan Wong
Designer: Jude Lin