Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Multimedia, Communications, Publishers, Information Services, Internet, Broadcast, Telecommunications, Government, Public Services

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

There is no shortage of cable news outlets, all with biases and leanings. Only one carries the non-partisan mantle with true authority—C-SPAN. Parodied often, yet with much fondness, C-SPAN is the beloved, straight-laced aunt you don’t want to change, but whose closet you’d love to purge to “retire” a few outfits. Their 40th anniversary was the opportunity to update their stodgy image and focus on their relevance, breadth and uniqueness.


The challenge was to ensure that what makes C-SPAN iconic remained. More than a channel covering the House, there’s also C-SPAN2 & C-SPAN3, original programming, C-SPAN Radio’s mobile app and a searchable/editable archive of nearly 250,000 hours of video. A new visual identity had to work seamlessly across this broadcast, print and online landscape.


Supplementing C-SPAN’s brand awareness/sentiment study, we conducted interviews with Capitol Hill staffers, media, and C-SPAN’s funders. We heard C-SPAN was more relevant today than ever, and that they should toot their own horn more.

The most visible part of the task—refreshing the logo—did not take place in a vacuum; it was guided by our positioning recommendations for the 40th anniversary and beyond.

“Your Unfiltered View of Government” reminded viewers that C-SPAN is unique in its unbiased reporting. The “make up your own mind” campaign used :15 pre-roll videos to support the positioning, while “created by cable in 1979” addressed both the anniversary and the fact that C-SPAN receives zero government funding.


With our help, C-SPAN’s enthusiastic staff revised hundreds of templates, documents and web pages for launch. The cable stations who offer C-SPAN as a public service support ran tagged :30 spots. A longer version garnered over 250,000 views in the first two weeks of the campaign as #cspan40 trended on Twitter.


Client: C-SPAN – www.c-span.org

Founder: Brian Lamb
Co-CEO: Susan Swain
Co-CEO: Robert Kennedy
VP of Marketing: Marty Dominguez
Vice President: Peter Kiley
Marketing Communications Specialist: Ed Aymar
SVP Brand Marketing and Communications, Consulting Partner, Comcast: Peter Intermaggio

Brand Strategists/Designers: Grafik – www.grafik.com

Principal, Creative Director: Johnny Vitorovich
Creative Director: George Nicholas
Senior Art Director: Greg Spraker
VP of Marketing, Digital Strategy Lead: Lauren Leva
Chief Operations Officer, Account Lead: Robin Vaitonis
Digital Strategy Manager, Campaign Lead: Hayden Browning
Brand Strategy: Hal Swetnam
Interactive Designer: Eric Roden
Senior Production Manager: Regina Esposito
VP of Business Development: Tanya Nazarian