Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, Computer, Software, SaaS, Managed Service Provider, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, Help Desk Support, IT, MSP, Machine Learning, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Industry Leader

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Industry Setting

Founded in 2011, Continuum works with MSPs (managed services providers) to deliver technology and expert technical support they need to help their small business customers grow. With cybersecurity, remote monitoring, backup, recovery, ongoing education and an always-on help desk, the Continuum platform helps MSPs protect their customers’ data, run smoothly, adapt to new technologies, and tackle future challenges.


MSPs, however, were facing complexities of new IT challenges— staffing, skill-set and resource gaps within their organizations. That led Continuum to a much larger mission: to bridge that skills gap for MSP partners, and to develop innovative and intelligent services-enabled solutions that support nearly every aspect of small business IT: cybersecurity, remote monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, help desk support, and more. In this new business environment, the Continuum brand had to reflect this larger mission.


Continuum, the industry leader in IT managed services, developed a much larger ambition post Private Equity acquisition in 2018. Our approach was to create a flexible, robust brand platform that Continuum could easily adapt to their growing MSPs’ ever-evolving needs with ongoing change and finite resources. Through a rigorous strategy phase, “The Platform for What’s Next.” became the organizing theme from which new positioning, messaging and branding was developed. Additionally, unique brand attributes were developed to identify inherent qualities within the new brand:

• Bold, but not boisterous
• Not only technical, but expressive
• Confident, yet casual. Like the partner we’ve always been
• Premium. Best in class and priced on our value
• Adaptable, and focused on the forces of change
• Greater than the sum of our parts. We are the platform for what’s next


Post rebrand and over the course of six months, Continuum has seen a dramatic increase in market interest, overall customer retention, and new acquisition. These increases were in part due to Continuum’s ability to communicate a more meaningful narrative that resonated with existing and new customers, along with technology that delivered on that promise. Most significantly, in October 2019, Continuum was acquired for 3.5x market value from the year earlier. True metrics for the success of any rebrand are notoriously difficult to chart. In the case of Continuum, it was rewarding to see the immediate role the rebrand played for the organization realizing their global ambitions.


Client: Continuum

Continuum CEO: Michael George
Continuum Head of Marketing: Tina McNulty
Private Equity Partner: ThomaBravo, Paul Zuber, Operating Partner

Agency of Record/Designers: RLD, Inc – www.ricklowedesign.com

Executive Creative Director: Rick Lowe
Account and Usability Director: Melissa Harris
Strategy: Tom Ancona
Design Lead: Todd Richards
Web Design: Nicholas Davidson
Design: Jane Brown
Project Manager: Maria Marz
Production Lead: Clare Rhinelander
Production: Chris and Terry Dudley
Motion Graphics: John Gerweck – Tooth Digital
Content: Todd Anthony – Pinwheel Content
PowerPoint: Laura Niespolo