Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Building Products
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Industry Setting

In 2013, amid a recovering housing market and stabilizing mortgage rates, French industrial giant LaFarge divested its North American gypsum wallboard and joint compound materials business.


The company had been in business for over 60 years. During this time, it developed strong relationships and brand recognition, both in B2B – selling to construction companies – and B2C – selling to consumers through retail outlets like Lowe’s. In transitioning to a stand-alone brand, it had to break free from LaFarge without losing equity or alienating its customer base. And it had just one chance to get it right.


Marrying the company’s strong North American heritage with an independent, New World spirit and DIY (do it yourself) mindset, we devised a brand that stands squarely on its own. The new name – Continental Building Products – feels familiar and established, connects with the company’s North American roots, and effectively speaks to its offerings.

The logo was critical to creating associations between the brand and what it stands for. Drawing from the American bison, a powerful and enduring North American icon, it represents strength. Simultaneously retro and modern in its feel, the logo calls to mind the past of a long standing organization while inspiring the future.

Supporting visual elements back up the brand vision and tie into the positioning of ‘getting it done.’ To ensure consistent brand communication, we provided visual guidelines for how elements should be applied across multiple touchpoints including print ads, uniforms, etc. The end result is a system that conveys the utility of the business with simplicity, evoking the order and precision inherent in construction as well as the boldness, energy and approachability of the brand itself.


In February 2014, Continental Building Products successfully raised over $165 million in its IPO. Employees and investors alike are thrilled with the new brand and its expression.


Client: Continental Building Products –

Brand Strategists/Designers: FutureBrand –

Account Director: Ana Gannod

Brand Strategy:
Global Strategic Lead: James Cockerille
Associate Strategy Director: Philine Eisbein
Brand Analyst: Jeffrey Stasz

Executive Creative Director: Doug Sellers
Creative Director: John Malozzi
Design Director: Felix Huettel