Country Base: Japan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology, Hardware, Software, Professional Services
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Industry Setting

Japan-based ChatWork is a cloud-based collaboration tool that features chat, voice and video capabilities, along with task management and file sharing, all in one place.


With a vision to become the leading player in cloud-based business collaboration, ChatWork enlisted us to develop a bold new brand and to help achieve their ambitious goals. The company needed a unique positioning, brand identity and messaging system to compete in the U.S. market and beyond.


After performing a series of stakeholder and user interviews, competitor review and market trends research, [we] created a brand positioning that placed ChatWork’s key benefit ­- the ability to put your words to work from anywhere – front and center.

The new positioning inspired the development of a brand identity and design system, which symbolize both active communication and solidarity. Combining four individual chat bubbles into a single symbol, the new identity demonstrates collaboration and the simplicity of the ChatWork service.

The website design brings together benefit-driven messaging with upbeat imagery of working teams to communicate how using ChatWork helps you work happier, not harder.


The result of the endeavor is a reinvented brand with international legs, allowing ChatWork to confidently forge into new markets. Four months after the new brand and website launched, ChatWork raised $2.5million to fund product development, hiring, and expansion to the US and Europe.


Client: ChatWork Inc –

Brand Strategists/Designers: MetaDesign –

Management Lead: Andy Giles
Creative Direction: Stan Zienka
Brand Strategy: Susan Weingarten
Messaging: Molly Davis Lind
Design: Brady Boyle
Project Management: Joanna Lee