Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Airlines, Aircrafts, Airports, Tourism, Travel, Transportation, Place Branding

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Industry Setting

In 2018, there were 195 airlines in Europe with estimated operating profits of 12 billion dollars and an average operating margin of 6%. But this result was driven by the “big four” (Ryanair, IAG, Air-France KLM and Lufthansa Group). The other 98% of the 195 airlines were doing far worse. This is why, despite good industry-level profits, there had been a series of airline failures or mergers over the past two years. One of the prominent failures was German carrier Germania.


After the insolvency and liquidation of its parent company, the Swiss carrier, Germania Flug AG, needed an independent fresh start within the shortest possible time: every day the airline stayed on the ground it incurred high losses. We were commissioned to design the airline’s overall appearance – from naming to designing cabin personnel’s uniforms to fleet design and communications.


The name, Chair, was chosen for the scope it provides: It symbolizes a seat on an aircraft while the color division between the red “ch” and the blue “air” is a play on the Swiss origin of the airline. The “i” functions as a supersign: symbolizing a passenger reclining in an aircraft seat, the red dot and the blue dash form the base of the dynamic and flexible design system which communicates the carrier’s straightforwardness. It reflects ease and humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The font conveys approachability and modernity; the colors red and blue create a link to the Swiss flag and the blue skies.


Our new brand identity and appearance for Chair combine Swissness with internationality and seriousness with ease. The result: Switzerland’s freshest airline. Just take a seat and fly. What we achieved for Chair:
– A completely fresh start with a new identity for the airline which created a huge buzz in Swiss press as well as in international media
– An identity which transports and conveys the airline’s most important assets: approachability, affordability and straightforwardness
– A consistent, comprehensive, striking and unique rebranding ranging from fleet design to image communication


Client: Chair Airlines AG – www.flychair.ch

CCO & Executive Member of the Board: Urs Pelizzoni
Marketing & PR Manager: Daniela Siebertz
Marketing & Sales Coordinator: Michèle Müller

Brand Strategists/Designers: Branders AG – www.branders.ch

CEO: René Allemann
Creative Director: Thom Pfister
Strategy Director: Philippe Knupp
Director Omnichannel Experience: Marisa Güntlisberger
Executive Brand Designer: Michèle Imhof
Senior Designer: Palma Manco
Senior Designer: Micha Kumpf
Brand Consultant: Michèle Motterle