Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: France
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Technology/Computer Hardware and Software, Technology Consulting, Professional Services

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Industry Setting

Founded in 1967, Capgemini is one of the world’s leading consulting and information service companies. With more than 190,000 (190K) employees around the world and revenues of €11.9 billion, its profile has changed profoundly in just a few years, being in the vanguard of every new technology, such as big data and the globalization of the service economy.


But its identity did not reflect this – there was too big a gap between what they do and how they look. In the mind of clients, this discrepancy in perception limited the potential services, thinking, ideas that they felt Capgemini could bring to each project. It also made it harder to attract and retain talent.

We worked in close collaboration with Capgemini’s leadership team over 15 months to create a dynamic digital-first brand identity and word mark, inspired by the handwriting of Serge Kampf, Capgemini’s founder. Meanwhile, its iconic spade emblem has been redrawn to reflect the world the business is now in.


Capgemini’s new brand identity brings to the fore its unique strengths as a business, and is inspired by three key characteristics that help to drive the success of its clients: dynamism, precision and people.

At the heart of the creative work is the new signed word mark, the personification of the group’s slogan ‘People matter, results count.’ Capgemini’s iconic spade has been redrawn to be flexible and fluid, exhibiting a sense of positive energy. And an invigorating new color palette, including more vibrant blues, has been introduced, to accompany the darker blue that represents the dependability of the brand and its people.


Coinciding with the Group’s 50th anniversary, this is the first overhaul of Capgemini’s brand identity since 2004. The result is a unique identity – one that is digitally friendly, efficient and disruptive. It gives Capgemini a new way to see itself.


Client: Capgemini – www.capgemini.com
Vice President Group Digital Advertising and Branding: Emmanuel Lochon
SVP, Group Marketing and Communications Director: Virginie Regis

Brand Strategists/Designers: BrandPie – www.brandpie.com

Creative Director: Sophie Lutman
Head of Strategy: Nick Ranger
Head of Verbal Identity: Rishi Dastidar
Design Director: Scott Snashfold
Senior Designer: Pablo Funcia
Senior Designer: Matt Hauke
Head of Client Experience: Adam Poole