Country Base: Indonesia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government, State Agencies, Port Operations, Logistics, Delivery
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Industry Setting

PT Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia (BJTI) is a port and operator services company, which is a subsidiary of Indonesia’s largest port state owned enterprise, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero).


In order to prepare its business expansion and to strengthen the position as the leading port operator services, they needed a new strong identity that enabled them to have more visibility and equity as a brand.


BJTI needed a clear and right positioning, as well as a fresh visual identity and system in order to build a stronger public image. The new identity had to embody the companyÍs spirit to bring the betterment of the Indonesian economy. In addition, it was important to develop more structured corporate services through an effective brand-architecture that is relevant to BJTI’s expansion.


The new brand and naming for BJTI Port now portrays its vision and spirit and prepares the organization to achieve its aim of entering new markets. The new value position, “The Pulse of the Nation’s Life,” inspires the new “BJTI Port” to raise their spirit as a national institution that plays an important role in the sustainability of Indonesia.

Conveying the initial vision and stated business goals, the new identity, positioning and visual language together help to support BJTI Port’s success by symbolizing their commitment to serve the nation. The new brand has been praised for its part in achieving BJTI’s goals:

Suitable essence to position BJTI PORT as a “pulse” company that plays an important role to the nation.

Spot on and intriguing nationalism essence, short words but impactful upon improving work spirit.

Putut Sri Muljanto
President Director


Client: Pt. Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia –

Brand Strategists/Designers: DM ID Group –

Chairman & President SE Asia: Daniel Surya
Managing Director: Almira Shinantya
Deputy Managing Director: Galih Rangha
Operational Manager: Elsya Jonathan
Marketing Manager:Priska Natasha
Account Manager: Nossy Arsyad
Client Executive: Jonathan Kriss
Design Director: Edy Galaxcy
Brand Designer: Anastasia Octacian
Senior Brand Consultant: Archie Ardian