Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: China
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Telephone, Electronics, Mount Qomolangma, Information Technology, IT, Titanium, Mobile Phone, Cellular Phone, Communications, Internet

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Industry Setting

With rapid development in the information technology industry of the 21st century, monopoly of product segments are a reality. In this context, how can a unique mobile brand be created to break through the monopoly created by Apple, Huawei and Samsung?

8848 is the first Titanium mobile phone brand in China. Named for the height of Mount Qomolangma, 8848 is aiming to build a top-notch spiritual and life style brand.


There were two major problems with the original brand vision: 1. There was no cohesive system, and the visual application of brand elements was messy; 2. The overall brand vision barely had a connection with the spirit of climbing the Mount Everest advocated by the brand, except for the flag symbol design of the “4” in the original 8848. With the required brand upgrade, [we] had to create and define a unified visual system that is easy to apply and manage. The system has to easily convey the core spirit of the brand through visuals and environments, forming a unique brand experience.


By simplifying the shape of Mount Everest, we created the core and memorable brand symbol. The set of elements that are part of the visual system were developed. These brand elements are applied to all materials and environments, including shop/store spaces.

We customized the exclusive gold color for the brand, adding a bronzing element to evoke premium, luxury quality. Our hope is that 8848 is not only a Titanium mobile phone, but also a medium to connect more people that share the spirit of embracing challenges and exploration.


During the 8848 brand rollout, the press conference included sharing the film by Wang Shi to the public on the brand story which depicts and represents the spirit of Mount Everest. The overall brand elements and symbols are distinctive, exclusive, and memorable. They also help to drive the external communication about the brand spirit—all contributing to the strong support of 8848 mobile phone as a symbol of self-identity among their core customers of high-end business professionals.


Client: Beijing Everest Mobile Communications – www.8848phone.com

Brand Director: Mei Jian

Brand Strategists/Designers: G.D. Partner Brand – www.gdp-partner.com

Owner, Director: Zhu Xiao Hai
Graphic Designer: Xu Gang
Graphic Designer: Wu Da
Graphic Designer: Ni Wei