Component Rebrand
Country Base: Singapore – Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Consumer Goods and Services, Baby Safety Accessories, Kids Safety Accessories, Banz, Childcare, Parenting

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Baby Banz is an Australian brand of high quality sunglasses, earmuffs and sun hats designed to protect babies and kids from intense ultraviolet radiation and extreme noise. The parent company, BANZ Global Pte. Ltd, is based in Singapore. After 16 years in the business, the brand was encountering competition from me-too offerings, cheaper, low quality imitations, and discounted products online.


Historically, sales increases came from color/design variations and product extensions. Absence of any distinctive branding and packaging was hindering growth while missing out on opportunities to sell at premium outlets (e.g. gift shops). Also, the Baby Banz, Kidz Banz separation did not optimize the limited brand investment.


Competitive research revealed a product oriented approach with virtually no brand differentiation. This opportunity was overlaid with the insight that Baby Banz had little emotional engagement with the mother (prime buyer) and scarcely involved the child.

Baby Banz was repositioned as BANZ Carewear for kids with the promise “Sensitive care. Sensible choice.” The emphasis shifted from protection to loving care, appealing to the parent’s rational and emotional sentiment. The strategy also drew inspiration from the timeless ‘Three wise monkeys’ storyline.

A presentation titled More Buck for your BANZ enabled buy-in from internal staff and key trade partners prior to launch.


The “see no glare,” “hear no blare” and “feel no flare” thematic treatment animated by cheeky chimps established a nostalgic connection with the parent while simultaneously attracting the child, an execution replicated across all brand touchpoints. Ironically, a babyish stance had helped the brand to mature!

Bold, solid typography with rounded corners reinforced the rational, emotional juxtaposition, the curvature of the letter ‘A’ illustrating the brand’s ‘protective caring’ property.

The first global reveal of BANZ occurred in Cologne at the Kind+Jugend Trade show in September 2017. The rebrand was a runaway hit, with distributors calling it “brilliant” and new dealers expressing keen interest. The core brand thinking is now being adapted to the kids’ range.


Client: BANZ Global –
Director: Mr. Bevan Beames
Director: Mr. Chris Albonico

Brand Strategists/Designers: Bubblefish Pty Ltd –

Principal/Brand builder: Ms. Delia Suteja
Brand Advisor/Strategist: Mr. Mahesh Enjeti
Designer Problem solver: Miss Bernadette Bucalon
Illustrator: Mr. Yorris Handoko