Brand Extension
Country Base: Bahamas
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Telecommunications, Aliv, Cable, Bahamas, Telecommunications, Digital, Telco, Media, Entertainment

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Industry Setting

After BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company) had enjoyed a decades-long monopoly, the people of the Bahamas were at last given the option of an alternative mobile telecom carrier when Cable Bahamas was awarded a license by the government.


Cable Bahamas is an established cable, internet and landline provider (under the REV brand), so offering “quadruple play” with mobile was a natural strategic extension. However, it was decided that a distinctive, separate brand identity for the new product was needed – meaning there was barely six weeks to name it, create a design system, and provide guidelines for implementation.


The naming and the design solution had to express the freedom and the choice afforded by the new brand. A truncated name generation process saw universal approval for “Aliv.” More than a friendly, lower-case logo mark, it was a simple, joyous declaration of liberty and self-expression. In addition to interviews with local, prospective customers (ranging from teen to pensioner), we immersed ourselves in the cultural and artistic elements of this distinctive demographic. As a result, the visual system pays respect to local art and the vibrancy of Caribbean colors. The uniquely flexible palette was anchored in a multi-hued strata, an expressive graphic device whose parallel waves conveyed diversity and connectivity. Several intensive sessions with the Cable Bahamas in-house team produced templates, mood boards and playbooks that informed and inspired store design, advertising & TV commercials.


Cable Bahamas was glad they called us. After launch and a multi-media campaign, as of September 2017, Aliv has garnered over 70,000 (70K) subscribers and rising, including 24,000 customers who switched from the competition. The forecast was that they would top 30% market share by the end of the year. More than 250 jobs were created for local Bahamians (54% female) with the opening of nine customer service/retail centers throughout the main islands.


Client: Aliv –
CMO, Client Project Team: Johnny Ingle
CEO, Client Project Team: Damian Blackburn

Brand Strategists/Designers: Infinia –

Senior Strategist, Project Lead: Michelle Kong
Director, Activiation Lead: Ruben Mercado
Principal, Lead Copywriter: Nick Shearer