Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Automotive, Industrial, Manufacturing, Auto Manufacturing, Automobile, Innovation, Industrial, Seats, Car, Driving, Transportation, Technology

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Industry Setting

With three decades of experience and a $16 billion dollar business, Johnson Controls’ automotive seat business was primed to be spun off into a separate company. However, the industry itself was mired in sameness and dry, functional summaries of what they do.


The company’s 200+ locations in over 30 countries move seats into 25 million cars worldwide. After the spinoff, this new company would need to signal independence as a new brand, leveraging their rich legacy to build on their reputation and share their cutting-edge capabilities through a meaningful story.


This new business needed a distinct name with universal appeal across the company and the globe. We created Adient, which supports the company’s future growth trajectory. Adient is the industry leader that strives to get everything precisely right, and its new logo is designed to do the same. Its distinct, forward-looking form sets the pace for Adient’s new look and drives their entire visual identity.

We codified Adient’s brand architecture under three principles: the right products, the right approaches, and the right advancements. We structured the brand’s messaging and tone of voice to reflect this emphasis in a distinct, easy-to-execute way.

To ensure the brand is sustainable, we built an online brand center to augment ongoing management of the Adient brand, which will evolve with the needs and priorities of its users.

For the global implementation and rollout, we prepared a variety of educational and inspirational materials that were distributed worldwide.


Adient has risen to become an even larger player in the automotive interiors industry, putting its market share at an estimated 34% globally.

“The broad experience of the [Agency] team helped the Adient executive committee make the best choices for our new brand. Their perspectives, research-based preferences, patience and sense of humor helped us navigate through the myriad of internal opinions. [Agency] led us to choices that have the greatest impact on our stakeholders.”

-Glen Ponczak, Vice President, Communication and Investor Relations


Client: Adient – www.adient.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Open – www.futurebrand.com

Chief Creative Officer: Sven Seger
Executive Creative Director: Doug Sellers
Design Director: Henri Kusbiantoro
Senior Designer: Mariana Hochleitner
Senior Designer: Ju Hyun Lee
Creative Director: John Malozzi
Design Director: Jooh Hyung Jin
Production Director: Kris Pelletier
Senior Implementation Specialist: Jamahl Umar
Production Manager: Tom Li
Account Director: Polly Hopkins
Writing Director: Patrick Attenasio
Verbal Identity Writer: Caroline Welch
Executive Director, Strategy: Kari Blanchard
Associate Director, Strategy: Shidan Youssefian