Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: France
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Hotels, Hospitality, Travel, Business, Luxury, Architecture, Interior Design, Branded Environments, Exhibits, Trade Shows, Lifestyle, Loyalty, Brand Identity, Logos

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Industry Setting

Accor has transformed its strategy with a series of acquisitions, growing into one of the world’s top luxury hospitality players. The Group now owns 50+ brands and businesses—hotels, clubs, restaurants, co-working, and tech start-ups. But the consumer doesn’t see this.


To embody Accor’s ambitious vision beyond the hotel industry to new customer experiences, we had to redefine the Group’s ecosystem, showcase the new brand portfolio and get internal audiences to embrace the change. We also had to bring the Group’s vision ‘Beyond hospitality’ to life, imagine how Accor can drive synergies between its businesses, premiumize the brand to reflect its position as a leading luxury and lifestyle hospitality brand, and make its strategy of “augmented hospitality” tangible to consumers.


Create a premium, timeless and iconic brand:
Accorhotels was simplified to Accor. The new logo is a monogram, a seal of excellence associating the ‘A’ with the goose, a historical symbol of the brand. With its high-end color palette, sophisticated imagery, and restrained minimalism, the brand is confidently streamlined with elegant simplicity to assert Accor’s leadership position.

Create a new service brand, ALL:
To embody Accor’s transformation from hotel operator to lifestyle ecosystem, we created ALL—Accor Live Limitless. It’s a lifestyle loyalty program that gives access to “All of Accor, all for you,” integrating a kaleidoscope of experiences, to live, work, and play. Speaking to all audience segments, lifestyles, and 50+ brands with utmost flexibility, through the Mosaic of Life—a vibrant brand device that flexes in color and content.


Accor is positioned as a premium, high-performance brand that imagines the future of hospitality, centered around a holistic ecosystem of Live, Work, Play brands. The transformation continues internally, with a streamlining of the group’s internal brand architecture and employee engagement. Announced at IHIF (International Hotel Investment Forum) trade fair, the rebranding was a major hit. “This is the first time I’ve seen a brand refresh and logo redesign that’s universally loved.” Close to a fifth of conversations revolved around Accor. Immediate impact garnered within four days of launch:

• 7x more mentions on social media vs. daily average
• 75k+ social media engagements
• 1B potential impressions


Client: Accor Group – www.accor.com

Chief Brand Officer: Steven Taylor
SMP Global Marketing Strategy: Antoine Dubois

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandimage SGK teams in Paris, Shanghai, New York and Sydney – www.brand-image.com

Paris Agency Director: Delphine Dauge
Strategy Director: Philip Hwang
Executive Creative Director: Alain Doré
Creative Director: Marcel Wijnen
Creative Director: Elie Hasbani

Brand Sound Design: Chut! On vous écoute – www.chutonvousecoute.com

Co-Founder, Managing and Strategy Director: Nicolas Duperron
Producer, Project Manager: Tali Boumandil