Should You Rebrand?


Think You Should Rebrand? 7 Reasons to Think Again There are many benefits to a well-strategized, carefully executed, and implemented rebrand. When done effectively, it can re-establish brand relevance, increase awareness with those you best serve, and even redefine your business model. In my 10+ years since founding and running REBRAND and the renowned [...]

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Future-Proof Your Brand


REBAND is the proud publisher of this highly-acclaimed book by founders of London-based VIM Group, the world's leading brand implementation and management firm. Article and photos, courtesy, VIM Group. Learn more at The 2017 European Communication Summit took place in Brussels brought together some of Europe’s best and brightest communications professionals. On Thursday June 29th we [...]

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VIM Group Expands Further Into Europe and Asia


VIM Group Expands Further into Europe and Asia Implementation Expertise > Read full story:   The Visual Identity Management (VIM) Group, founder of brand implementation and international market leader in this area, has expanded its global network to East Asia, Germany and the Nordic countries. With its new members, VIM Group is now [...]

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Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand Implementation Expertise > Read full story: As the preferred Airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has developed a new brand identity as part of the continued drive for competitive advantage, brand alignment and customer satisfaction. Designworks developed the new visual identity in collaboration with world leading Kiwi typeface designer Kris [...]

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Rometelecom and Cosmote Become One: Telekom Romania


Brand Implementation Leader, VIM Group, Helped Two Telecommunications Companies, Romtelecom and Cosmote, Unite Under One Brand: Telekom Romania Implementation Expertise > Read full story: The task was to unify two unique telecom organizations in Romania, Romtelecom (fixed) and Cosmote (mobile), under the single Deutsche Telekom ‘T’ brand, over a period of just 4.5 [...]

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