Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Papua New Guinea
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Airlines, Tourism, Places, Geographic Locations. Countries. Travel & Leisure, Papua New Guinea, Asia Pacific, Airports, Livery, Airplanes

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Industry Setting

We were commissioned to create a new positioning, name, and visual identity for Airlines PNG, Papua New Guinea’s 2nd largest airline. The airline had recently changed ownership, and was now locally-owned. Since the changes and restructuring within the business, it was time to present a new face to the world.
The company was genuinely a people’s airline, taking people of PNG to remote parts of the country. The airline had also become an important carrier for businesses in PNG.


By developing a new, bold identity for PNG Air, we needed to elevate the brand from a price-led brand to one that really stands for something – one the people of PNG can really be proud of.

The new PNG Air identity goes far deeper than a logo and a name, because it symbolizes the country, its people and the brand’s promise to be of service to those people. They truly were a business that was about people connecting people.


We recommended they change their name to PNG Air, which was both easier to use and easier to remember. We created a completely new visual identity, which is based on a pattern of important cultural icons of PNG. This new identity now plays an important part in all new marketing communications, signage and uniforms.


The brand has been really well-received since the launch. For a start, the brand received huge coverage in the media. In terms of sales results, the newly branded ATR planes are consistently outperforming the fleet of unbranded planes. We’ve even been told that more customers are asking to fly on the new planes that have the identity painted on the fuselage!


Client: PNG Air – pngair.com.pg/en/

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – www.principals.com.au

Director: Sandy Belford
Strategy Consultant: Ed Elias
Director of Brand Language: Hamish Cargill
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wright
Creative Director: Darren Swain
Senior Designer: Christina Stone
Senior Account Director: Trish Hogan
Head of Design Implementation: Dean Varndell
Motion Graphic Artist: Hayden Mathys