Country Base: Norway
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel and Leisure, Sports, Resorts, Ski, Hospitality
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Industry Setting

Myrkdalen is a valley and settlement nestled between majestic mountains and fjords in western Norway. It has developed into a major ski resort, but attracts visitors all year round. The resort was previously branded as Voss Fjellandsby _ Myrkdalen. As part of the rebranding, the name was simplified to Myrkdalen, describing the actual location and avoiding the confusion of having two place names included in one brand name. The name now focused on Myrkdalen, which is the resort name and the geographical name of the valley.


Myrkdalen needed to differentiate itself from other destinations in Norway and internationally to attract guests to a location somewhat more remote than most competitors. Myrkdalen wanted a brand that supported its desired position of being ‘In the Middle of Adventure,’ and a limited marketing budget required an identity that would stand out and be memorable. A prominent goal was also to be perceived as a contemporary resort but with a strong and credible local flavor.


The logo and identity is inspired by the dramatic local landscape: valleys, mountains and fjords. The unusual logo placement was chosen to reflect the ñIn the middle of Adventureî position. The diagonal division is a bold deviation from competitors and provides the setting for imagery showing the variety and contrast of the Myrkdalen experience. With its sports and lifestyle feel, the logo also works well with clothing, sports equipment and local food and drink. By using the identity on these applications, the brand exposure and brand experience is dramatically extended while in keeping with a limited marketing budget.


The brand has been widely implemented across many channels and is highly acclaimed both locally and nationally. The identity was launched in September 2013, and the attention it has inspired has led to an increase in attention from the press, and a steady growth in the number of visitors, according to Resort management.


Client: Myrkdalen Mountain Resort –

Client Leads:
Kaia Finne
Elin Bolann

Brand Strategists/Designers: Creuna –

Lead Designer: Marc Ligeti
Senior Designer: Stein Øvre
Junior Designer: Sebastian Reed
Web Designer: Karin Andeneæs
Account Manager: Pål Fasseland
Brand Consultant: Nina O’Gorman
Project Manager: Anne Kindem
Copy Writer: Henrik Bakke

Kyrre Wangen
Silvano Zeiter
Alessandro Belluscio
Lorenzo Verdinelli
Daniel Rönnbäck
Sverre Hjørnevik

Credits The client Myrkdalen Fjellandsby was assisted
by MK Norway AS in its preliminary concept work