Enterprise Rebrand

Country Base: Finland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Cultural Institutions, Music, Performance, Orchestras, Concerts


Industry Setting

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) is one of the worlds leading symphony orchestras. It plays an important role for the capital city of Finland as its cultural business card. The activity of the orchestra is based on high quality, weekly performed concerts.


HPO is competing for the free time of the townspeople. All leisure time activities are accountable, like other cultural services, sports, shopping and time spent at home.

Rebranding was needed because the visual identity of the orchestra was old fashioned and conventional. The graphical appearance and its implementation were not logical, and the orchestra didnÍt have a consistent strategy for marketing communications.


The aim of the rebrand was to target new audiences that will be established over time through maintenance of a high quality and artistic profile. The brand would be cherished, but improved and modernized. It was clear that the current name would be maintained

The insight was based on the key element of the orchestra: the musicians. They are flesh and bones, and their whole bodies and emotions are involved while playing on stage. So, the musicians are the core of the new brand: United for Helsinki, with the power of 102 musicians. They spread out their musical energy for every citizen reaching out for an A-level customer experience. The new logo is built around the orchestra name, surrounded with the names of every orchestra musician forming a living ensemble.

The cornerstone of the brand is the Big Sound, the Experience, when a concert is more than just a concert _ experience it for yourself! This is the key message, which is spread through multichannel marketing, drawing the attention of various focus groups.


Following the launch, the new identity has received positive feedback and attention. A number of those have come from music critics and individuals from various cultural institutions for itÇs bold and modern touch. Among citizens, there are opinions for and against: boring, too strong colors and unclear vs. Bravo!, youthful and excellent visibility.


Client: Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra – www.helsinginkaupunginorkesteri.fi

Brand Strategists/Designers: Bond Agency – www.bond-agency.com

Designer: Marko Salonen

Strategist: Arttu Salovaara

Producer: Piia Suhonen


Marja Istala Kumpunen

Virpi Tahvanainen

Photographer: Marko Rantanen

Copywriter: Mira Olsson