Enterprise Rebrand

Country Base: Switzerland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Manufacturing, Personal Care, Flavors, Fragrances, Luxury


Industry Setting

Givaudan is the global market leader and trusted manufacturer of flavors and fragrances for
the luxury perfume, consumer goods, and food and beverage sectors for over 120


Givaudan is a brand that consumers come into contact with numerous times a day _ for
example in the shampoos, toothpastes, perfumes and deodorants they use or in the
chewing gum, soft drinks and snacks they consume _ yet they donÍt even know it.[We] wanted to capture the myriad of emotions triggered by the scents and
fragrances in these products and make them tangible in the Givaudan brand

We also wanted to create a new brand awareness in all relevant target groups. With the
repositioning, Givaudan aimed to sustainably strengthen its role among global
competitors, as well as to increase its attractiveness for customers, partners and as an employer.


Making the invisible visible! The rebranding makes fragrances for Givaudan visible and
moves the B2B brand closer to the consumer by evoking personal experiences and
memories through the sense of smell. By bringing the power of emotions to the fore, we
helped a quiet leader gain recognition for the role it plays in enhancing our lives. We
developed a new proposition that captures the sensuousness and creative spirit behind the
Givaudan brand: ‘Enjoy the essence. Express yourself.î


Thanks to the rebrand, Givaudan is now presenting itself in a highly expressive and
emotional way _ which will effectively strengthen and differentiate the company against its
global competitors. Its appeal to customers and partners continue to heighten, as its position as an employer of choice continues to be enhanced.


Client: Givaudan International – www.givaudan.com

Head Corporate Communications: St_fanie Lauber

Brand Strategists/Designers: Interbrand – www.interbrand.com

Creative Direction: Andreas Rotzler

Brand Strategy and Consultancy:

Fr_d_ric Praplan

Franziska Edelmann

Brand Design:

Salma Al Khadra

Andrea Burghart

Amanda Fuchs

Story Telling: Anton Isenring

Project Management Website: Katarzyna Winek

Digital brand and Video:

Christian Beckstein

Christian Nufer

Additional Partners:

Web Strategy & Concept: Infocentric Research

Corporate Photography: Amanda Camenisch

Corporate Videography: Christoph Fritschi

Food Photography: Thilo Müller

Film Music:

Sacha Unger

Martin Chabloz

Brand Launch Event: Instinctif Partners