Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: United States
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Investments, Consulting, Advisory, Technology, FinTech

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Industry Setting

Bonsai is a financial advisory, consulting, and technology firm offering financial professionals holistic strategies to enable their clients to retire with dignity, with greater certainty of achieving their desired financial goals.


Bonsai LLC had a bold vision to take a more holistic look at the individual’s financial picture beyond just their investments. Rather than focusing solely on wealth-building, Bonsai put equal emphasis on the importance of decumulation. Bonsai’s unique philosophy and approach needed to be clearly defined and expressed in a consumable way for both prospective clients and partners across their core sales and marketing tools.


Our team crafted a new messaging platform that captured Bonsai’s philosophy and approach. A new tagline, An Obsession for Determined Outcomes, reflected the brand’s fundamental tenet of providing greater certainty to people’s financial future by providing a holistic approach for financial advisors. We brought their innovative business to life through a series of foundational thought leadership papers to clearly articulate the challenges facing financial advisors today with rising expectations and cost pressures.

We developed a stunning new visual brand to support Bonsai’s vision and philosophy. The updated identity includes a modern, symmetrical logo mark representing growth, balance, and security. We also developed a supporting brand system showcasing expansive landscapes and thriving green spaces to elicit feelings of confidence and serenity.


The rebrand positioned Bonsai as an innovative financial services leader recasting the future of financial advice. The effort clearly defined how Bonsai empowers clients and partners to achieve their determined outcomes. The fresh new visual identity projected an image of a confident, trusted advisor and differentiated Bonsai within a crowded competitive landscape. 

“Sustena has been my go-to partner for everything brand-related from the start. They are a thoughtful and dependable partner who’s there when I need them and are constantly helping me put the Bonsai brand in its best light.”  

~ Robert DeChellis, Founder and Managing Partner, Bonsai


Client: Bonsai – mybonsai.com

Brand Strategists/Designers: Sustena – sustenagroup.com

CEO and Brand Strategy Lead: Brenna Garratt
Principal, Brand Strategist: Stephen Strigle
Principal, Creative Director: Ryan Paul
Design Director: Warren Beishir
Senior Director, Creative Services: Jillian Haynes