Transformation Assessments and Advisory

Our flagship program is the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, initiated to recognize and showcase effective band transformations from around the world. As a result of this focused work, we are uniquely qualified to help position your brand and/or showcase your expertise for the long haul. Contact us however you’re most comfortable.

Take advantage of our new opportunity designed to spotlight your rebrand, outside of our REBRAND 100® Global Awards. We launched this recently, in support of our loyal participants challenged as a result of the current health and business environment. Here are the details on how to have our help to spotlight your brand change at our website and social media networks.

Pitch and Business Case Support

Pitching a Client? Making the Case with Your Leadership or Board?

Let us help you succeed with case studies and critical expert advice

We help you cut through the noise and get to the heart of what you need. You get your specific questions answered with expert tips and tools for your rebrand initiative with a one-on-one, hour session. You save time, avoid hassles, and— most importantly— get closer to winning the work or garnering support from your executive management. All it takes is a small, smart initial investment for this quick-hit session.

Rollout and Outreach Services

Did You Evolve or Transform Your Brand? Announce That Here.

Include us in the rollout of your name change and rebrand to the world right here.

Cut through the press release clutter, and launch your rebrand your way. News wire sites have countless releases running through feeds at the same time. What this means? Your announcement is likely to be missed by many you need to see it.

Announce your rebrand at the only site focused on just that. You can include images, downloadable materials, videos, and other supporting materials you might want journalists and the general public to access.

Research and Consultants Referral Services

Get Our Experienced Help and Referrals to Succeed

Choose the wrong branding consultants? You’ll waste lots of money and miss opportunities. Your competitors would love that! Your CEO, shareholders, or clients won’t! Let us help and refer you to the best.

We understand your daunting challenge and we know the process of repositioning winning brands from start to launch and beyond. We also know the capabilities of countless branding experts that can help you win in the marketplace. You can be a small non-profit with a tiny budget, or a global, multinational corporation. Name the industry, name the geography preferred, and chances are we can recommend the right partner for your initiative. Oh, and we don’t refer experts with an attitude.

Specifics on our Advice and Referrals? Pick one or all three below:

  • Initial consultation before you begin your rebranding effort. Benefit from our vast experience to save you time, money, and potential trouble.
  • Let us help you write a clear, concise, creative brief. You need this summary of your project and goals to begin a meaningful conversation with a consultant, your in-house team, or even your CEO
  • We identify a short list of experts for you, or review and comment on yours

Corporate and Employee Recognition Programs Consulting

Human beings appreciate being recognized, often even more than receiving financial rewards. Let us help you establish a credible, effective program whether it’s for your employees, customers, or another audience.

Running recognition programs may seem easy. Simply put, they are not. However, they can bring about great results and win-win for your organization, employees, and your broader community.

With a track record for envisioning, launching, and sustaining a globally respected program, we are uniquely qualified to help you with strategy and execution for yours.