Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic Surgery, Middle East, Health, Wellness, Haircare, Spas, Women, Botox, Beauty

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary

Industry Setting

The beautification industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the most popular industries for young ladies and women alike. Spas and hair dressing salons abound all over the Kingdom. A relatively new entrant into the beautification sector is the non-invasive or enhancement operations; clinics which can provide mild augmentation and enhancements such as Botox. It is into this arena that our client Yara had stepped.


Yara’s branding was unsophisticated and homespun. It would not build confidence in the audience who were going to need to feel a high degree of trust in the firm for them to commit to such operations. Before we set to work, the brand had no strategy and was responding to situations on an ad hoc basis. We needed to overhaul the identity and provide the brand with a strategic framework on which it could assess its opportunities for communications and future growth.


Our strategy was built on the belief that if the brand was to succeed it needed to leverage the growing trend for natural health and wellness. To build on the notion that inner beauty was the more attractive asset a woman (or man) could posses. We drafted the brand vision ‘To liberate self belief’ and on top of this we wrote a unique Envisioned Future Statement for the brand that could help Yara set goals and grow in line with her brand.


The brand now has an identity and message which is uniquely able to convey its premium clinical offering. Belief in the brand among employees and its owner has never been higher. Audience reaction to the new brand tools has been overwhelmingly positive – especially in social media. A new clinic has opened with the brand applied across all key physical touch points. Brand tools have been rolled out across all communication tools both online and off. The rebrand won Bronze in the Best Visual Identity from the Healthcare Sector at the Transform MENA 2017.