Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Denmark
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Industrial/Manufacturing, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Print, Digital, Illustration, Environment

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary

Industry Setting

JSB is the world’s leading independent supplier of core material kits for the wind turbine industry. The acquisition of a Spanish supplier and the installation of a new factory in China, launched a new chapter in the company’s history. This, as well as the market’s increased focus on cost reductions, compelled JSB to revitalise the business strategy and brand communications.


Operating in a conservative industry, the main challenge involved changing mindsets. JSB’s de-bundling business model is at the core of the new strategy. This involves encouraging the market to shed the old and embrace a more open and transparent way of working leading to a more effective supply chain. Also, shifting focus from cost reduction to value, led by reduced complexity and process optimisation, is needed.


We worked closely with JSB to establish points of differences as well as the following tasks for the communication: Encourage a progressive mindset towards a more efficient supply chain; communicate increased quality and effectivity through collaboration; provide ease of mind by communicating reduced complexity and shape attitudes by communicating a strong belief in better. The points of differences and communicative tasks formed the outset for the final brand strategy.


We formed the brand position ‘catalyst for better’. To support this, and proving the company’s ambition to move the market from a supply chain limited by dictated possibilities to one open to unlimited opportunities, we defined the brand belief: “The fastest way to success is shaped by opportunities”. This led to the promise: “We empower performance”. Along with a core story clearly setting out JSB’s differentiating value and a visual universe that supports it, the company now has a focused and meaningful brand platform to engage audiences and take the company into many new chapters.