Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, Dermatology, Middle East, Skin Care, Healthcare, Personal Care

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Industry Setting

Derma One is a Bahrain based dermatological firm focused on skin beauty and associated treatments. Its founder Dr Nedhal Khalifa started the firm in 2006 in a nascent market that was free from any real or specialized competition. Many of the country’s patients would visit the skin care consultants of Lebanon for treatment and so building a solid business in the Kingdom was easier as their was a large and growing customer base. Since then the skin beauty and treatment market in the Kingdom has changed.


Derma One was a high quality practice with a very highly qualified chief consultant in Dr Nedhal. The firm consists of Derma One and Medspa by Derma One. What separated Derma One from its core competition was the exceptional quality of the services on offer. The brand as considered by its customers to be ‘the Bentley of the skin beauty and care market’; this perception, generated by Dr Nedhal’s expertise, was not being projected by the brand. With growing competition, the need for greater, more sophisticated brand communication was increasing. Another key issue was how to properly connect the Medspa offer to the parent brand without reducing the equity in the main Derma One brand.


Through client workshops, we helped to discover the brand’s true purpose – To empower people to be their best, it’s positioning of the expert and personality – the archangel. From this we worked on brand values that would help the team to build a culture that could support this vision and result in the brand personality. These values were Trustworthy, Dynamic & Respectful. This culture was driven by a client promise to help you achieve your greatest natural beauty. These values were combined to create the brand DNA that drove the creative identity exercise. We then created the brand hierarchy of Derma One, Derma One Dr Nedhal and Derma One Medspa to make sure customers could differentiate their expectations.


The brand has been rolled out to its core markets in the kingdom of Bahrain. The appreciation of the internal changes has been clearly identified by the internal team and shareholders alike. The final rendering of a sophisticated, expert brand has helped consumers to report on a considered perception of Derma One being ‘the leading brand in its field.’
The brand relaunch has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reception by skin care customers and the dermatological aesthetics industry in Bahrain.