Component Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Media, Radio, Broadcast, Identity, Digital, Information, Entertainment, Music, Jazz, Culture, Eurozet

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary

Industry Setting

Chillizet is a Polish radio station based in Warsaw, a part of the Eurozet group, one of the biggest mediaholdings in Poland. The radio has a musical and cultural profile and presents chillout and jazz music. It operates in three major cities – Krakow, Warszawa and Katowice. Although it doesn’t reach a large population, it has a strong base of avid listeners, who appreciate the specific chillout vibe of the radio station.


Chillizet, known back then as Radio Zet Chilli, approached us to develop its new brand logotype. The radio wanted to recreate the original identity of the brand and respond to the expectations of its audience which was attached to the previous name of ‘Chilli Zet’ despite a rebranding that was conducted in 2013.


So our work on the logo was preceded by analyses where, with the help of the Client, we attempted to understand the phenomenon of the brand. We analyzed the kinds of visual languages used today to express different musical experiences (genres, events, brands).


We developed identification that restored the previous identity on one hand, and on the other – introduced the brand aesthetically to a more contemporary mobile world. We suggested a name structure that imitates the pronunciation of the name in speech. It’s simply Chillizet. The simple, contemporary form of the logo, combined with a background made of colorful visuals helps the new identity epitomize the urban, eclectic and energetic nature of the radio station.