Brand Extension
Country Base: India
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Architecture, Interior Design, Stone, Surfaces, Building Materials, Mining and Natural Resources, Construction, Property Development, Commercial Properties, Real Estate, Construction Management, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Resources, Landscaping

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Industry Setting

In the heart of Mumbai, Stone Shippers, India’s premier natural stone exporter, boasts a legacy of exporting 2 million sqm of exquisite quartzitic sandstone globally. Facing challenges from both domestic competitors and international stone giants, Stone Shippers aspired to redefine their narrative, emphasizing unique customization, superior design, and authentic stones. Their canvas extended from local markets to international landscapes, seeking awe through unparalleled offerings and capabilities.


Stone Shippers encountered a dual challenge and opportunity, heavily reliant on a single UK customer. The pandemic-induced halt in UK exports revealed the untapped potential in India. The need for diversification and a shift from product-oriented to solutions-oriented approach prompted a brand reassessment.

To encapsulate Indian pride, quality, and innovation, Stone Shippers aimed to represent the spirit of the nation in a rebranded identity. Thus, two distinct brands serving an internal and external markets had to be developed. Xpereos was born, focusing on precision customization for Indian interior designers and architects.


Understanding the distinct needs of Indian customers, Xpereos emerged as a brand synonymous with high value. It offered tailored solutions to homeowners, architects, and interior designers, positioning itself as a pioneer in the Indian natural stone industry. The strategy involved crafting a brand identity that reflected imagination and ‘limitless possibilities,’ catering to the unique preferences and regional nuances of the Indian market.


Xpereos, with its innovative solutions and a focus on precision customization, swiftly became the hallmark of Indian elegance. The brand resonated with its target audience, securing a distinct place in the competitive landscape. Customer testimonials echoed the success of the rebranding, confirming that the shift from a product-focused to a branded solution approach was not just strategic but also transformative.


Client/BrandOwner: Stone Shippers Limited –

• Managing Director: Rajiv Bazaz – On Linkedin
• Director: Rahul Bazaz – On Linkedin

Brand Strategists/Designers: Eumo DesignIntelligence –

• Designated Partner: Shanoo Bhatia
• Lead Associate, Design Operations & Strategy: Suman Kuniyal