Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Financial Services, Insurance, Investments, Stocks, NASDAQ

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

In the professional services space, brands are built through relationships and longevity. The big four at the top of the industry experience fierce competition for people. It’s an industry where relationships and having the best and brightest is key to success.


After many years of mergers and acquisitions, Willis Towers Watson needed to quickly reestablish itself and boldly define their future. A new CEO and global leadership presented a powerful opportunity for a new brand strategy and logo to galvanize employees and broadcast a clear signal across the industry.


With only 100 days to accomplish this massive rebrand, we had to ditch the traditional approach. We developed hypotheses, sharpening and refining them through daily collaboration with the client team, landing on “Perspective that moves you” as our positioning.

To retain but refresh the color equity we moved from purple to Ultraviolet. The new more human logotype brings WTW’s unified and bold perspective to life while the supporting visual elements infuses perspective to send a message that the next era has begun.


The previous brand identity didn’t resonate internally, but the new visual identity has changed this dynamic. Feedback from across the organization to the WTW brand team highlight how strongly the identity elements connect with the culture.

“Just a quick note to say the new brand looks amazing! I’ve been part of several new brands in my time at WW, TW, WTW and I think this one looks the sharpest!”

“Thank you and your team for creating such a powerful brand, I really love it. This is an energy boost for all of us who truly believe in our potential and capacities. Let’s change the perspective that the market has of us, we never left and we are stronger than ever!”

“I have always been impressed by what your team create and how complex it must be to roll these out — this is by far my absolute favorite. Our new brand is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Thank you for creating something we are already all so proud of!”


Client: WTW – wtwco.com

Global Head of Brand: Lisa Swatland
Director Brand Management: Molly Fisher
Associate Director, Brand: Imogen Nicholson
Creative Director: Steve Demasi
Digital User Experience Lead: Katie Cisto

Brand Strategists/Designers: Monigle – monigle.com

Senior Director, Strategy: Dave Middendorf
Director, Strategy: Taryn Birch
Consultant, Strategy: Nicole Urich
Senior Consultant, Strategy: Danielle Tieman
Executive Creative Director, Design: Mark Thwaites
Senior Creative Director: Kurt Munger
Design Director: Elijah Schroeder
Associate Director, Digital Media: Nichole Boysen
Associate Director, Verbal: Heather DiLeo
Production Manager: Aaron Finkelstein
Senior Production Specialist: Jeremy White
Director, Customer Experience: Alissa Faust
Manager, Customer Experience: Fanny Chen
Associate Manager, Client Experience: Cassandra Miltner
Associate Director, Digital CX: Amanda Connelly
Director, Insights: Aaron Zack Bruggeman