2024 Winners Privileges

Leverage our help to optimize your win. Your team will be thrilled, and your clients will love to keep working with you.

Congratulations on your success in the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards! As a winner, you’ve demonstrated exceptional skill in brand transformation, earning you recognition in the world’s premier juried program for rebranded businesses. Here’s how we celebrate your achievement.


1. Overview of REBRAND 100 Winners Advantage
2. Complimentary Winner Benefits + Pertinent Download Links
3. Option A – Premium Investment Opportunity
4. Option B – Ultra Investment Opportunity
5. Our Position on the Numbers Question

Note: You can purchase an encased certificate or flat certificate without choosing full Option A or B. Pricing in #3 below.

These are image examples of the encased certificate. 

1.  Overview of REBRAND 100® Winners Advantage

REBRAND is celebrating 20 years of excellence as the initiator of this type of program. A quick look through the winners showcase reveals just a few facts:

Prestigious Global Recognition

63+ countries and counting have participate in REBRAND 100, reflecting global reach

The winners showcase and other resources at REBRAND.com are seen by decision makers

Business, marketing, and design leaders from around the world visit the site when conducting search on all topics related to brand and business transformations in many sectors

Our specific, intentional focus on brand transformations, place our website as a leading destination for many

2. Complimentary Winners Services and Benefits – Details Also in PDF via Link Below

Global Recognition ($Priceless)

Your victory is more than an award—it’s a testament to your strategic and creative prowess in the global marketplace. As part of an elite group recognized for excellence in brand transformation, you gain prestigious acknowledgment that sets you apart.

Press Release Templates ($350 Value)
Amplify your success with a customizable press release template. Crafted to help you announce your win effectively, it includes suggested quotes and comments for a professional presentation of your achievement. Option of two lengths for which you will be provided a link to download.

REBRAND AI Inclusion ($Priceless)
We will include your winning project in our AI-driven knowledge base, enhancing your visibility and connecting you with potential clients intrigued by your expertise.

Targeted Global Publicity ($Priceless)
We shine a spotlight on your win through our extensive global outreach, ensuring your achievement is seen by key decision-makers across business, marketing, and design sectors.

Online Showcase ($Priceless)
Your project receives a dedicated full-page display on REBRAND.com, becoming a part of our permanent archive and a go-to resource for industry leaders and potential clients.

Recognition Categories & Special Recognitions ($Priceless)
Celebrate your win across various categories, with special nods for innovative aspects like brand sound and transformation story videos, underscoring the diverse talents within our winners’ circle.

Digital Certificates and Emblem Use Rights

• Best of Awards: An encased, gold-sealed certificate.

• Distinction and Merit: Customized digital certificates upon request.

• Agencies and Consultants: Free rights to use the REBRAND 100® emblem, showcasing your win within our guidelines. You will be provided a link to download by winning category groupings.

Note: Brand owners must pay for license rights with options A or B:

Note: These download links give you access to the emblems and press release templates that are complimentary to winners.

Please use the download link that corresponds to your winning category. Important: Brand owners can only use these as part of Option A (Premium) or Option B (Ultra) services described below they’ll need to pay for.

•  Best of Awards Download link: – https://we.tl/t-NzvdDwbih4

•  Distinction download link: – https://we.tl/t-mCLnp62BCG

•  Merit download link: – https://we.tl/t-rQ3VMv3Jrp

3. Option A – Premium Investment Opportunity: $2995 Per Brand – Details Also in PDF via Link Below

Beyond the complimentary benefits, Option A enhances your win with:

Verified Consultants Listing: A year-long basic-level feature on our exclusive list ($1295 value).

Two Printed, Embossed Certificates: One for the agency and one for the brand owner, celebrating your success ($100 value).

One Encased, Embossed Certificate: A desktop trophy for the winner, delivered globally ($395 plus Shipping and handling value).

License Rights for Brand Owner: Extend your win’s visibility with emblem use rights ($2995 value).

Homepage Feature on REBRAND.com: A week-long spotlight, with potential extension ($1995 value).

Social Media Promotion: Targeted campaign to boost your project’s profile ($995 value).

Additional Certificate Purchases Or if You are Only Interested in Purchasing these Outside of Options A and B

• Printed, Embossed Certificate: $50 each, plus shipping.

• Encased, Embossed Certificate: $375 each, plus shipping.

We use DHL for shipping outside North America, so the estimate for the pricing will be shared with you first, once you indicate interest.

You can purchase frameable certificates without full Option A or B. Allow 2-3wks for delivery.

Requird License Rights Purchase for Emblem/Logo Usage  by Brand Owner ( Agency can use per #2 above)

The agency(ies) affiliated with the rebrand will be granted the right to use the REBRAND 100 emblem in print or online. These are two of the several resizable options you can use:

4. Option B – Ultra Investment Opportunity: $3995 Per Brand
– Details Also in PDF via Link Below

Maximize your visibility with Option B, including everything in Option A plus:

Multi-Project Emblem License: Amplify your branding across several projects.

Featured Banner and Carousel Posts: Prominent display on our social channels, focusing on LinkedIn, for a minimum of two weeks.

If you choose A or B, please contact us at awards@rebrand.com
for the invoice you will need to process via PayPal for the services.

5. Our Position on the Numbers Question

We are sometimes asked how many submissions we receive for REBRAND 100, and we do not share that information for several reasons:

a. REBRAND 100 is a global, business-oriented program reviewing and acknowledging the best of the best in a very specific category. This is not a forum for maximizing quantity of entries, rather for maximizing quality entries from a global marketplace.

Our focus is on showcasing the importance of building, cultivating, and evolving brand value, which we equate to business value. Together, we can continue to drive home the importance of effective brand strategy, design, and smart implementation to organizational achievement.

b. We ask a lot of our entrants and our jurors; REBRAND 100 is for those willing to effectively tell a complete story that includes details of before, after, and the impact of their work.

c. We are not a design awards organization, so we do not have categories for entries less than complete systems. We also stay out of the “beauty contest” fray, given that rebrands are serious work directly tied to key goals and objectives. This limits the number of entries we invite, while increasing the depth, complexity and value of participants.

d. Prospective clients for the individuals and organizations that enter and win in REBRAND 100 continue to return to our site to find information they feel is relevant, diverse and without pretense – the same attributes we require of our entrants, jurors, and honor in our winners.