Rebrand Implementation
Country Base: the Netherlands
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Agriculture, Gardening, Business and Professional Services, Healthcare, Cleaning Services, Facility Management, Landscaping, Parks and Gardens

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Industry Setting

Vebego, a dynamic family-owned company based in the Netherlands, has delivered clean, safe and pleasant working, learning and living environments since 1943. With a turnover of 1.4 billion euros and a workforce of 40,000, the company serves clients across Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland through facility, healthcare, management, and landscaping services.


In 2020, Vebego embarked on a transformative journey, restructuring 100+ companies into a core of 11 robust business entities. This monumental shift aimed at future-proofing the organization demanded a strategic implementation partner for a rebranding program in Q4 2021. The focus: monolithic brand goals and CSR (corporate social responsibility), navigating diverse dynamics of each new company.


To ignite their vision of a cohesive organization, the 11 large companies adopted new names and brand identities by September 2022. A comprehensive impact analysis, design management process, and collaboration with a design agency paved the way. The detailed insights enabled strategic decision-making, engaged key stakeholders, and facilitated simultaneous launches, bridging cultural and organizational gaps.


Vebego Group emerged in September 2022, unveiling a fresh identity that resonated with employees. Excitement rippled through the Vebego companies in the Netherlands and Germany.

Specific implementation results include:
• migration from the 40 corporate websites to 11 websites
• 2500 vehicles rebranded
• replacement of 32,000 workwear sets
• installation of 250 new exterior building signage
• 1500 mail and user’s UPN workplace migration

The collaboration of design and implementation experts produced interactive brand guidelines, fostering trust and creativity. A streamlined rollout process now charts the roadmap for the Belgian and Swiss companies to seamlessly embrace the new Vebego brand identity in 2024.


Client: Vebego Group –
Manager Corporate Communications: Martijn Donders
Sr. Strategy Consultant: Andries van Bentum

Brand Strategy/Designers Zandbeek –

Brand Project Management and Implementation – VIM Group Brand Implementation B.V. –