Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Energy & Utilities, Health, Clean Water, Technology and Computer Hardware, Software, SaaS, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design, Infrastructure, Customer Experience, Innovation

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Industry Setting

Varuna believes that clean water is a right, with a mission to help deliver clean water to everyone. The company developed a solution for utilities to collect data and gain insights into their water system in real-time, allowing them to stay on top of problems before they occur. The unique solution monitors important parameters such as chlorine, temperature, and pH levels, providing data-driven insights for asset management and operations on a cloud-based dashboard.


As a startup company, Varuna struggled to break into various markets with its innovative technology. Water utility companies already had systems in place to manage their data, and Varuna needed a better way to collect and display complex data responsive to the specific needs and preferences of customers. Varuna needed a brand that matched its mission and projected a clear solution for a specific market.


The goal was to elevate the brand, narrow its market focus, and redesign the data dashboard to improve function and usability. A new visual identity was created to support the dashboard technology, with an emphasis on the mission to provide clean water for utility companies and municipalities. The dashboard was designed to allow customers to customize, visualize, and analyze their data in multiple ways for different goals through a new, intuitive interface.


The cohesive brand exudes cleanliness, consistency, and elevated market status. Varuna has transitioned from a company that aimed to serve all markets to a focused provider of excellent services for a specific audience. Clients value the data and insights used to improve asset utilization and operational efficiency. Municipalities and water utility companies have praised the intuitive dashboard and its data visualization helping to ensure clean water is delivered to their customers.


Client: Varuna- varuna.city
CEO and Co-Founder: Seyi Fabode

Brand Strategists/Designers: Stark Group – starkgroup.com
Creative Director: Kristie Stark