Motion Branding
Country Base: Germany
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Sports, Olympic Games, Athletes, Teams, Paris2024, Sporting Goods,  Apparel

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Industry Setting

The Team D brand unites Germany’s most successful athletes of all disciplines to compete at the Olympic Games. For their broad communication needs, they approached why do birds to create a motion branding system, that can cover all applications and narrative moods.


Team D’s reporting around and about the Olympic Games is extremely diverse. It ranges from portraits of the athletes and their careers to live reports of the competitions and emotional reports on victories and defeats. Team D also produces content with the athletes that is unrelated to the Olympics – such as home training videos.

The challenge was to further develop the existing corporate design into a motion branding that enables many Team D employees to create suitable content for all these situations – quickly, easily and with pleasure.


In order to develop a motion branding that can cover all communicative aspects of this broadly positioned brand, we started an analysis and exploration phase with our Team D clients.

We came up with three basic principles that helped us design the animations: The formal language of the logo is the inspiration for all graphic elements, the colors of our German flag are used subtly but always in the characteristic sequence.

Last but not least, we have established a movement principle based on the typical behavior of athletes in competition – anticipation before discharge. We interpret it as a small counter-movement before the actual animation.

After the motion design of the various assets, we programmed a template toolkit in After Effects that allows all elements to be freely combined with each other and various films to be branded.


The Team D Motion Branding is a vibrant, multi-faceted interpretation of the brand design in motion and gives all users the opportunity to equip the broad communication world with suitable animations in the future, so that our athletes are always recognizable.

Right from the start, the agency demonstrated an impressive understanding of Team D and the ideas behind it. Accordingly, with its creative excellence, the agency was able to put together a package that absolutely enthralled us. It doesn’t get any better than this. We are very proud of the creative and expressive implementation.

Florian Frank, Head of Brand Management at Deutsche Sport Marketing


Client/BrandOwner:Team D –

Brand/Marketing Consultants: Deutsche Sport Marketing GmbH –
Head of Brand Management: Florian Frank

Agency: why do birds –

Creative Direction, Art Direction: Carla Stock
Senior Motion Design: Max Roof, Henning Bauschulte
Account Direction, Consulting: Lydia Schulze, Alexander Wodrich