Component Rebrand
Country Base: Romania
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Transportation, Shipping and Delivery, Food Delivery, Mobile App, Fast Food

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Industry Setting

In the competitive landscape of digital delivery services, the strategic rebranding of “Eu ce mananc azi?” (“What do we eat today?”) unfolded. This small-scale player, amidst the rapid growth of the market category spurred by the pandemic, underwent a transformation led by a fast-track leadership vision and a commitment to operational excellence.


With the acquisition by the Naspers Group came a shift in vision and ambitions, opening up the potential for elevated operational performance. This pivotal moment demanded more than just a makeover; it necessitated the birth of an entirely new brand.


The cornerstone of the strategy revolved around speed and the pursuit of the fastest delivery—the ultimate promises in the digital delivery category. This inspired the birth of “TAZZ” as the brand name. The choice of red, coupled with a thunder sign, became the foundational elements, creating a brand image designed for heightened visibility. Whether in outdoor signage or on digital platforms, the brand aimed to stand out in the crowded market category.

The imperative for sharp, crisp, and distinct visibility became a non-negotiable.


This strategic decision proved pivotal for the brand’s launch. TAZZ, with its bold red and thunder-inspired identity, successfully captured attention and became a key success factor in the competitive market. The brand’s unmistakable presence met the demand for swift, efficient service in a landscape where visibility is paramount.


Client: HCL Online Advertising – Tazz –
Chief Executive Officer: Alin Serban

Brand Strategists/Designers: Brandient –
Design Director: Ciprian Robu