Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Austria
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Food, Chocolate, Heritage, Premium, Luxury, Self-Care

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Industry Setting

In Austria’s competitive dark chocolate scene, Suchard, a cherished local brand under Mondelez, faced the challenge of standing out against global giants like Lindt. Despite being a pioneer in dark chocolate with consistent taste triumphs, Suchard struggled to form deep emotional connections with new customers, even among loyal patrons. The brand’s illustrious two centuries of heritage and its reputation as a specialist in premium dark chocolate seemed to have gradually faded from public consciousness.


Our task was to create a fresh visual identity that not only reignited bonds with current customers but also attracted new ones, reviving the brand’s rich heritage. Philippe Suchard’s vision in 1826 was to make high-quality chocolate accessible to all, emphasizing personal luxury—an idea as relevant today as it was then. Our challenge lay in translating this narrative through packaging design.


Extensive client-conducted research revealed a critical insight: amidst our busy lives, we often overlook self-care and the joy of small, gratifying moments. Targeting dark chocolate enthusiasts seeking authentic, indulgent experiences for their “memoments,” we addressed Suchard’s visibility issue on shelves compared to Lindt. Predominantly black packaging lacked distinctive design, structural consistency, and product cohesiveness.


Our solution focused on a color-blocked masthead, paying homage to Suchard’s legacy. A comprehensive packaging revamp aimed to tantalize palates and create authentic “for me moments.” Aligned with Mondelez’s sustainability commitment, we avoided hot foil, putting in extra effort for a visually appealing finish. The introduction of a new red brand color and defined color system enhanced visibility on shelves, ensuring product distinction.

We Crafted new typography, product cameos, and utilized multi-level embossing that highlighted the chocolate’s tactile texture. Resurrecting a historical design from Suchard’s archive connected today’s product with its past, revitalizing the brand for Mondelez and creating a richer experience for customers.


Client/BrandOwner: Mondelez Europe – mondelezinternational.com

Head of Marketing Austria: Nina Mahnik
Senior Brand Manager Tablets Austria: Catrin Ronnenberg
Brand Manager Tablets Austria: Simone Hoeflechner
Brand Manager Tablets Austria: Adèle Bergmeister

Brand Strategists/Designers: The Otherly – theotherly.com

Associate Creative Director: James Roast
Creative Director: Chris Walsh
Senior Designer: James Bell
Design Director: Lekha Nanavati
Account Director: Julien Desgarceaux