Brand Extension
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Government, State Agencies, NGO, Countries, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Non Profit, Foundations, Mental Health, Healthcare

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Industry Setting

SLONIE NA BALKONIE is an acronym for “Elephants on the Balcony”, a foundation that provides care for traumatized children suffering from depression. These are little people who don’t want to live, and donations go entirely towards expert therapeutic care in a warm and open space where they can feel safe. The foundation’s mission is: not a single child in a psychiatric hospital!


SLONIE NA BALKONIE does not tell the stories of its charges for ethical reasons. The brand needed to show the psychological problem in a non-literal way. This is not typical of non-profit organizations, which often show the children’s misfortune. Elephants wanted to operate differently, with a compelling visual identity that metaphorically represents the cause and touches the hearts of donors.


During the design process, we chose shapes as some of the strongest visual brand assets. The elephant-shaped signet consists of building blocks. We used them to build pictograms and illustrative elements, numbers and letters. Logo blocks also serve as abstract design elements and photo-filled frames. The blocks are also used to build toys for the children in care. A 3D elephant for self-assembly is sent to donors as a thank you for their donation. The crumbling blocks represent a metaphor for the psyche of a harmed child, which is disintegrating as a result of trauma. The donor’s job is to help a child in crisis put their life back together by funding the work of therapists.


SLONIE NA BALKONIE continues to grow steadily. Today, the foundation is effectively solving one of the more difficult problems in the country, where psychiatric hospitals are unable to respond to the needs of children in crisis. The brand’s visual identity has been well received by donors and stands out through the emotion it carries, the easy use of brand shapes (signet building blocks), font and the living logo.


CEO: Joanna Paduszyńska
Deputy CEO: Michał Żak

Brand Strategists/Designers: Perform Brand Design –
Brand Strategist: Justyna Politańska
Art Director: Tomasz Politański
Graphic Designer: Maciej Marć