Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Toys, Games, Hobbies Travel & Leisure, Kids Play, Leisure, Entertainment

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Video, Summary, Credits

Industry Setting

Bahrain’s tourism heavily depends on weekend visitors from Saudi’s eastern province, with a local market craving fresh attractions. Seef sought to expand its market share in the region’s entertainment sector, requiring a brand to channel and articulate this ambition. Initially a division of Seef Holdings, an established Bahraini business, Seef Entertainment needed to define its purpose, culture, and unique qualities.


Seef’s primary business involved malls, relying on entertainment to enhance retail and F&B (food and beverage). Mandated to grow its portfolio, Seef Entertainment faced the challenge of developing licensed offerings and proprietary concepts. The existing operation lacked the energy and cultural alignment needed for strategic objectives. A new brand was essential to position Seef as a leading entity and an attractive partner in the entertainment sector.


The client aimed to challenge conventions, aspiring to break the traditional franchise model and champion ‘own brand’ concept development. Through a consultative process, a clear proposition, position, promise, and personality, rooted in cultural values, emerged. This strategy differentiated Seef Entertainment as a creative entity within the Group. The approved shorter brand name dropped ‘entertainment’ for a more definitive logo. The playful slogan ‘Entertaining People’ encapsulates the core idea of being ‘entertaining people who entertain people.’

Strategic Summary

• Vision: Inspire and entertain through shared experiences.
• Promise: Entertain with experiences you’ll love to share.
• Values: Ingenuity, Bravery, Inclusivity, Leadership.
• Positioning: Inspired Entertainment Experiences.
• Personality: Inspiring, trustworthy, ambitious, imaginative.


Seef Entertainment transitioned from a division to the group’s leading vertical and primary revenue driver. The brand influenced business strategy, driving organizational change and fostering a focused, creative culture. Externally, the brand became the main catalyst for growing equity in the Seef name, extending their presence beyond malls and real estate. It is reshaping market dynamics and redefining perceptions of what the ‘Seef’ brand represents.


Client/Brand Owner: Seef Properties – seef.com.bh
Manager-Marketing: Mohammed Al-Hayki

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono International WLL – unisonoagency.com
Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Director of Strategy: Amy Morgan