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Country Base: USA
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Activewear, Fitness, Health, Wellness, Sports, Athletes, Apparel, Teams, Fans, Merchandise, Athleisure, Wearables, Fashion, Empowerment, Inclusivity

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Industry Setting

In the vibrant world of activewear and athleisure, ROAM LOUD, the brainchild of Toyin Omisore, the Wanderer in Chief, emerged as a premium brand with a distinct purpose—placing brown skin at the forefront of a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Inspired to create a brand that celebrates women valuing health and wellness, Toyin launched the first line on Shopify, quickly cultivating a devoted following through social media outreach.


Success brought challenges. After validating its purpose and design with an enthusiastic audience, ROAM LOUD aimed to broaden its reach. The challenge was to align with larger retailers resonating with the brand’s primary demographic.


Doubling down on the essence of ROAM LOUD, the brand encouraged a life of freedom and self-expression. A strategic move involved transitioning from a small Shopify store to a robust ecommerce platform and expanding collaborations with major retailers. Social media played a pivotal role, with user-generated content showcasing the brand’s impact. Members of the community, referred to as Wanderers, and their enthusiasm for activewear and products that put them front and center from the start, have been integral in building the brand.


The results have been extraordinary. ROAM LOUD forged a partnership with specialty retailers like REI, a renowned outdoors and sporting goods store. Notably, the brand earned a coveted spot on Oprah Winfrey’s list of favorite things for the Christmas Holidays—a remarkable achievement for a brand less than five years old.

ROAM LOUD’s journey is a testament to the power of purpose-driven branding, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to amplifying diverse voices. In a world where the fitness journey intersects with everyday life, ROAM LOUD stands tall, echoing the rallying cry: “Live on your own terms, because if not now, when?”


Client: ROAM LOUD – roamloud.com
Founder and Wanderer in Chief: Toyin Omisore

Brand Strategists/Designers: ROAM LOUD Team – roamloud.com

Alex Joachimbyalexjoachim.com
Mayker Duranmduranstudio.com

Alex Joachimbyalexjoachim.com

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