Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Transportation/Shipping and Delivery Logistics, Fulfillment and Transport Services

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Industry Setting

A $3.75B logistics solutions company and Australia’s largest multimodal service provider across rail, sea, air and road, Toll Global Express underwent sale and separation from parent company, Toll. With a 133-year heritage, 7% market-share and material opportunities for growth across the industry, the rebrand and separation repositions the business from network- based logistics to customer-centric solutions, focused on becoming the most sustainable logistics partner, and employer of choice in Australia and New Zealand.


In an industry traditionally capability-focused, the key promoters of the rebrand were to unite and strengthen employee brand advocacy, reposition as a customer-centric service provider, and differentiate products through unparalleled scale, reach, speed and a legacy of industry experience. Commitment to drive industry-leading ESG (environmental, social, and governance) partnerships and initiatives demonstrated through the power of actions – a sustainability-focused physical transformation achieved with diversity, equity and integrity.


The strategy focused on building a brand anchored in the passionate experiences of employees, highlighting values and leadership. This approach aimed to benefit customers, employees, and communities. The strategy involved:

• Employee engagement through workshops and surveys, aligning with a people-centered brand ethos.
• Strengthening market repositioning for sustainable practices and partnerships.

A key element was an extensive 18-month rebranding and implementation initiative, encompassing:

• 8000 fleet vehicles (road, rail, sea, air).
• 150 properties and 300 partner agents.
• 15000 uniforms and 100 digital applications.


The results of these strategic initiatives were significant and multifaceted. Notably, the company emerged as an employer of opportunity, building a sector-leading People strategy that positioned it as the employer of choice in Australia and New Zealand. This transformation was marked by:

• An energized workforce driving notable improvements in national infrastructure.
• The rollout of electric vehicles, introduction of worm-farm uniform disposal, and upcycling and retrofitting of the fleet and properties, showcasing a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.
• These efforts collectively advanced the company’s ESG strategy, establishing it as the market-leading supply-chain solutions partner with a demonstrated commitment to the environment, industry, and community.


Client: Team Global Express teamglobalexp.com
Transformation Program Manager: Tina Thompson

Brand Strategists/Designers: Diadem – diadem.com
Project Director/Associate: Kelvin Taylor