Component Rebrand
Country Base: Poland
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Retail Stores, Property Developments, Sales Communication, Brand Consistency

Below: Before and After Images in Slide Show, Summary

Industry Setting

Carrefour is an international omni-channel grocery chain with more than 900 stores in Poland. Different store formats and multiple owners have led the brand into a visual blur. The challenge we faced was to organize the brand’s graphic image: create a new visual communication language that could be applied at every touchpoint.


The project required a balanced approach. The new image had to grow out of the existing brand codification, recognized and applied on a global level. At the same time, distinctive elements were to emerge to unify the brand’s online, e-commerce, offline and in-store communications. The change was planned to be all-encompassing.


The work was preceded by a comprehensive image audit, which identified areas for improvement and became the starting point for designing the principles of the design system. At the heart of the visual identity we placed the sigil of the Carrefour logo, from which we derived the shape. Every subsequent brand message is built from this form. This is how a system of visual principles was created to build consistency in Carrefour’s sales, information and brand image materials.

The new pricing modules clearly present complex discount and promotional mechanisms.The private label brands have also been given their own visual subsystem. We have developed a unique pattern that derives from the brand mark and constitutes a strong visual asset that no other brand will use.


Customers can now easily find their way around the store space. It is easy for them to recognize the brand both outside the store and in the mobile app. With the new standards, we have simplified the store navigation system, sales image, pricing modules and a number of offline and online activities. The design principles also work well in the promotional banner system, social media and Google Ads, and accompanying newsletter communications.


Client: Carrefour Polska –
CMO: Michal Sacha
Marketing Department Manager: Monika Kowalska
Digital Marketing Manager: Radoslaw Malyska

Brand Strategists/Designers: Perform Brand Design –
Brand Consultant: Justyna Politańska
Art Director: Tomasz Politanski
Graphic Designer: Maciej Marć