Component Rebrand
Country Base: Bahrain
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Travel, Leisure, Tourism, Places, Destinations

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Industry Setting

For an island, Bahrain has few public beaches; most of the good beaches are within hotels. Bilaj Al
Jazayer was a popular destination with an expansive, if unloved waterfront.


Owned by Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Edamah is the developer behind Bilaj al Jazayer, a special project with interest from the highest levels. Located in the heart of a regeneration area stretching inland for over 5km, Bilaj has the potential to be Edamah’s cornerstone lifestyle destination.

The project aims to bring new experiences to Bahrain and the region; vibrant art integration, beautiful exterior & environmental planning, photogenic settings and iconic architecture are proposed, creating a unique and authentically Bahraini destination.

Bilaj’s beach was a weekend fixture but visitors found it’s facilities lacking. Edamah reinvigorated the mile-long location into a world-class beach onto which vendors built facilities & amenities. However, the area lacked brand focus, identity and a narrative. We created a visionary brand to bring its promise to life, provide an appropriate visual and communication approach to invigorate the province.


In stakeholder meetings, we discussed the importance of the location’s Dilmun era and agreed both this and the location’s sunsets were key to the identity. Dilmun’s (Sumerian) unique cultural expression was perfect for a boho style beach and aligned to the area’s promise. The identity and visual language was widely appreciated for its alignment to the national heritage and appropriateness to the destination.


The newly upgraded and redeveloped beach was officially re-opened in November 2021, helping to create a destination and ignite an entire area’s development. As well as the appreciative beach-goers, the project received glowing praise from the Board of Directors.


Client/Brand Owner: Edamah – Bilaj Al Jazayer –
Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications: Nader Khalfan

Brand Strategists/Designers: Unisono International WLL –
Executive Creative Director: Liam Farrell
Director of Strategy: Amy Morgan