Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Australia
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Retail Stores, Workplace and Art Supplies, Education Resources, Stationery, Furniture, Technology, Digital, Productivity, Creativity, Business, Personal and Professional Resources

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Industry Setting

Officeworks has always been about making bigger things happen. But the ways people work, learn, create and connect shifted during the pandemic, and the Officeworks brand had to keep pace.

With ambitious plans, Officeworks now needed a hardworking, digital-friendly identity that could support growth across key categories. Evolving from a brand that was appreciated, functional and little well-worn, to a beloved, human one that was fresh and bright.


In an era when an ‘office’ could be anywhere from a kitchen bench to a kid’s bedroom, the refreshed brand needed to reflect the blurring lines between personal and professional. Injecting personality, modernity and a dose of energy to empower an ever-expanding product offering across art supplies, education resources, stationery, furniture, workplace supplies and technology.


In-depth qualitative research gave us the foundation for the Officeworks brand position as the ally of everyday Australians — a partner in creativity and productivity. This came through clearly with a flexible brand voice that was dynamic, joyful, and on-it. Customers are invited to explore possibilities and are providing helpful tips to make them happen.

For the visual identity, we re-energized the trademark blue and red palette and championed the dash element in a streamlined and punchy design system, ensuring an undeniable Officeworks presence across touchpoints. We developed a relevant B2B hybrid work sub-brand, called Flexiworks. And we created OWen. Part logo, part brand character, OWen brought a spark of personality as a shorthand signature for digital and internal use.


Our collaboration resulted in an expressive and personality-rich identity, solidifying Officeworks’ position as one of Australia’s top retailers and brands. And with all the new norms, new working environments and new creative priorities, it was no surprise to see the big retailer take home third place in the 2022 Brand Finance Australia 100 list of strongest brands.


Client: Officeworks – officeworks.com.au

Head of Brand Design, Officeworks: James Sterling
General Manager Marketing, Officeworks: Jess Richmond
Guidelines and Rollout: Officeworks Brand Design Team

Instagram: instagram.com/officeworks
Facebook: facebook.com/officeworks

Brand Strategists/Designers: Principals – principals.com.au

Creative Director: Martin Hopkins
Senior Designer: Rhiannon Folpp
Design Director: Darren Swain
Design Director: Yolanda Koning
Senior Designer: Carolina Relander
Head of Production: David Cunningham
Group Strategy Director: Tim Riches
Strategy Director: Charlie Rose
Senior Writer: Niamh Slevin
Account Director: Cera O’Grady
Insights Director: Mary Winter