Enterprise Rebrand
Country Base: Azerbaijan
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Mining, Natural Resources, Oil, Gas, Industrial, Environment, Sustainability, Energy

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Industry Setting

In an era of environmental responsibility, businesses must adapt to sustainable practices. The energy sector, with its profound impact on our planet, is no exception. Nobel Energy, embracing this imperative, underwent a remarkable transformation, transitioning from oil and gas to an integrated energy production, development, and services company. Through this shift, they aim to deliver agile, efficient, and, most importantly, sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.


The primary task for our client was the rebranding of Nobel Energy. The challenge involved crafting a brand identity to mirror strategic transformation and resonate across diverse stakeholders. Our solution encompassed a comprehensive rebrand with a revitalized logo, tagline, and visual identity. We further provided a brand book and pre- designed assets for a smooth implementation of the new identity.


In the initial phase, we initiated insightful interviews with the company’s management and sales team to gain perspectives on the company’s identity and its developmental trajectory. These interviews provided an internal viewpoint. Subsequently, we conducted a two-part workshop involving Nobel Energy’s CEO, board members, and the PR & Communications team.

The objective was to delve into the client’s priorities, aspirations, and the rationale behind the rebranding decision, along with understanding Nobel Energy’s business landscape. Utilizing the gathered insights, we formulated a comprehensive brand strategy—comprising target personas, brand promise, crucial components of brand robustness, brand archetypes, brand values, and the central concept guiding the strategy.


Guided by the caregiver archetype, we crafted a new brand tagline, “Because we care,” echoing Nobel Energy’s commitment to people and sustainability. Collaboratively developed in Agile sprints, a logo emerged, symbolizing their transition to cleaner energy. A comprehensive 63-page brand guidelines document ensured consistent brand usage. This effort resulted in a new name, visual identity, and brand strategy, primed for digital and traditional expansion.


Client: Nobel Energy – nobelenergy.com
Head of Communications & Marketing: Turkhan Ahmadov
Public Relations Specialist: Dilara Hummatbayli
Graphic Designer: Aykhan Safarli

Brand Strategists/Designers: Admind Agency – admindagency.com
Business Development Manager: Magdalena Darmobit
Creative Director: Karolina Pospischil
Copywriter: Morgan Nicholas-Karpiel
Project Manager: Mariusz Szubelski

Brand Strategists/Designers: Perform Brand Design – pbd.pl
Brand Consultant: Justyna Politańska
Art Director: Tomasz Politanski
Graphic Designer: Maciej Marć