Brand Extension
Country Base: India
Industry/Sector/Keywords: Architecture, Interior Design, Stone, Surfaces, Building Materials, Mining and Natural Resources, Construction, Property Development, Commercial Properties, Real Estate, Construction Management, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Natural Resources, Landscaping

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Industry Setting

Set in the vibrant mosaic of India’s landscapes, Stone Shippers, the epitome of natural stone expertise, exported 2 million sqm of quartzitic sandstone globally. Facing competition from international stone suppliers and more affordable substitutes, the company aimed to amplify its presence by tapping into the global market.

In a world dominated by China’s natural stone exports, Stone Shippers sought to redefine its narrative, emphasizing unique customization, superior design, and authentic stones, giving birth to two distinct brands to serve two audiences. One of those is LivingStone.


The reliance on a single UK customer prompted Stone Shippers to diversify and adopt a solutions-oriented approach. The pandemic-induced pause in UK exports revealed the untapped potential in India. Seeking a rebrand, Stone Shippers aimed to represent Indian pride, quality, and innovation. LivingStone, born from this vision, catered to the discerning global customer, offering the highest-quality natural stone for extraordinary living.


LivingStone’s strategy focused on differentiating itself in the global market. It required greater product variety, an enhanced presence, and a differentiated brand identity. The brand positioned itself as a symbol of reliability and precision, offering the highest-quality natural stone for those seeking extraordinary living experiences globally.


LivingStone swiftly emerged as a global sensation, symbolizing reliability and precision in the world of natural stone. The brand’s success post-launch affirmed the strategic shift from a product-focused to a branded solution approach. Customer testimonials highlighted the exceptional dedication, ownership, and attention to detail, proving that LivingStone had not only met but exceeded the expectations of discerning global customers.


Client/BrandOwner: Stone Shippers Limited –

• Managing Director: Rajiv Bazaz – On Linkedin
• Director: Rahul Bazaz – On Linkedin

Brand Strategists/Designers: Eumo DesignIntelligence –

• Designated Partner: Shanoo Bhatia
• Lead Associate, Design Operations & Strategy: Suman Kuniyal