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Sven Theobald

Vice President and Global Head
Corporate Brand Management
Bayer AG


As VP & Global Head of Corporate Brand Management at Bayer, Sven Theobald has made it his mission to future-proof the global Bayer brand, culminating in a remarkable valuation of $5.5 billion (Brand Finance 2023). With 16+ years of experience in the Life Science fields of healthcare and agriculture, he has garnered a reputation as a results-driven brand and communications leader.

Through a dynamic combination of strategic prowess and creative flair, Sven has mastered the skill of unlocking brand-driven value, igniting growth, and transforming brands for better. His track record of leading cross-functional, top-level projects has been lauded across the industry, cementing his role as a change and culture champion in the context of brand and reputation.

From advancing established brands to driving new product developments, Sven has excelled in marketing excellence, live communication, and digital acceleration. Notably, during his tenure as the Director of Corporate Branding in the U.S., he played a key role in seamlessly integrating Monsanto into Bayer’s identity, showcasing his global perspective and adaptability.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Sven helps shape the future of International Media Management studies. His role as an Honorary Advisory Board Member demonstrates his commitment to cultivating the next generation of brand innovators.

Sven’s unique ability to blend strategy and creativity with a keen eye for synergistic growth sets him apart as an esteemed expert, offering invaluable insights to elevate brands. With his visionary approach, profound industry knowledge, and exceptional global brand transformation record, he emerges as a leading voice in shaping the future of branding worldwide. Sven stands as a driving force, positioning brands as key value drivers and impact generators.