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Sven Theobald

Vice President and Global Head
Corporate Brand Management
Bayer AG


As VP and Head of Corporate Brand Management at Bayer, Sven has made it his mission to future-proof the global Bayer brand – the company’s most distinctive and valuable intangible asset ($5.5bn, #BrandFinance 2023, +22% vs. 2021, #6 most valuable global Pharma brand, #1 in AgriScience, #3 in Consumer Health).

With 17+ years of experience in Life Sciences and science-based innovation, Sven has garnered a reputation as a results- and people-driven brand and communications leader. By combining insight-based strategy, creativity, and the ability to implement, he is passionate about unlocking brand-driven value, transforming brands for positive impact and leveraging them as catalyzers of change.

Sven has a track record of leading cross-functional projects in the context of brand and reputation. Before taking on his current assignment in 2020, he has excelled in marketing excellence, communications management, and live communication. Notably, during his tenure as the Director of U.S. Corporate Branding, he played a key role in integrating Monsanto into Bayer’s identity.

Sven is based at Bayer’s global headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany.